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2023 Burrowes Scholars Named

2023 Burrowes Scholars Named

Students from grades five, eight, and 11 were recognized for diligence and academic excellence by subject at the annual Burrowes Scholars award ceremony on May 4, 2023. 


45 students on risers, martin meylin cafeteria, posed, smiling

Congratulations to the 2023 Burrowes Scholars! 

Each year, Lampeter-Strasburg educators choose from among the best and brightest students in each subject area to select Burrowes Scholars. Recipients of this long-standing District award are chosen from the fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades. This year's group includes 12 second-time winners and one student who received awards in two subject areas.

The Burrowes Scholars program is named for Dr. Thomas Henry Burrowes, a Strasburg native and esteemed education advocate who played a large part in passing the laws on which the nation's public school system is based. Dr. Burrowes also served as the president of Pennsylvania State University. The students selected as Burrowes Scholars each year exemplify traits befitting of Dr. Burrowes. They are self-motivated, diligent individuals who challenge themselves to excel and be leaders inside and outside the classroom.

We are proud to present these students as the 2023 Burrowes Scholars! Congratulations! You can read about each Burrowes Scholar here.

Fifth-Grade Burrowes Scholars

16 fifth graders, smiling, in hans herr lobby

Hans Herr Burrowes Scholars - Front Row (from left): Norah Lovern, Gabrielle Meredith, Liana Yoder, Isla Marsh, Averi Steinbacher, Mia Rogers, and Jackson Zook. Back Row - Tayden Herr, Makayla Johnson, Austin Carson, Avery Kalasinsky, Landon Bohannon, Madeleine Cousin, Carter Haring, Simon DeBruin, and Nathan Schneider 

  • Landon Bohannon – Physical Education
  • Austin Carson – Mathematics
  • Madeleine Cousin – English/Language Arts
  • Simon DeBruin – Mathematics
  • Carter Haring  - Mathematics
  • Tayden Herr – English/Language Arts
  • Makayla Johnson – Orchestra
  • Avery Kalasinsky – English/Language Arts
  • Norah Lovern – Band
  • Isla Marsh – Vocal Music
  • Gabrielle Meredith – Mathematics
  • Mia Rogers – Physical Education
  • Nathan Schneider – English/Language Arts
  • Averi Steinbacher – English/Language Arts
  • Liana Yoder – Art
  • Jackson Zook – Mathematics

Eighth-Grade Burrowes Scholars

13 students, steps of Martin Meylin, smiling

Martin Meylin Burrowes Scholars - Front Row (from left): Landry Maines, Morgan Dombach, Kiana Rey, Brianna Jackson, Lilly Kuhns, and Micah White  Back Row - Tytus Morris, Cooper Hillen, Cole Shehan, Lilah Schwartz,
Harry Skiles, Kyle Wagner, and Emma Jennings. 

  • Morgan Dombach* – Physical Education
  • Cooper Hillen* – Physical Education
  • Brianna Jackson - English/Language Arts
  • Emma Jennings* – Technology Education
  • Lilly Kuhns – Social Studies
  • Landry Maines - German
  • Tytus Morris - Music
  • Kiana Rey - Health
  • Lilah Schwartz - Spanish
  • Cole Shehan* - Band
  • Harry Skiles* – Mathematics and Science
  • Kyle Wagner* - Orchestra
  • Micah White* - Visual Art

Eleventh-Grade Burrowes Scholars

16 students, steps of high school, smiling

High School Burrowes Scholars - Front Row (from left):Jacob McClune, Noah Kennel, Madeline Ross, Alicia Bennethum, Ava Weit, Katelyn Pope, Lauren Livengood, and Elisabeth Reinhart  Back Row - KJ Kessler, Zackery Horst, Bennett Wehibe, Olivia Leed,
Kayla Frey, Aiden Flory, Kole Lawrence, and Zara Paisley

  • Alicia Bennethum* - Technology Education
  • Aiden Flory - Band
  • Kayla Frey - Agriculture
  • Zackery Horst - Business Education
  • Noah Kennel* - Spanish
  • Kurt (KJ) Kessler – Physical Education
  • Kole Lawrence – Vocal Music
  • Olivia Leed – Family/Consumer Science
  • Lauren Livengood* - Social Studies
  • Jacob McClune - Science
  • Zara Paisley – Physical Education
  • Katelyn Pope - Orchestra
  • Elisabeth Reinhart - English/Language Arts
  • Madeline Ross* - German
  • Bennett Wehibe* - Math
  • Ava Weit* - Visual Art

*= Silver (second-time) winner