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Board Members

Melissa S. Herr

Elected in 2006

James H. Byrnes
Board Member

Elected in 1995

Audra R. Spahn
Board Member

Elected in 2015

Matthew E. Parido
 Vice President

Elected in 2019

Dustin D. Knarr
Board Member

Elected in 2017

Kari A. Steinbacher
Board Member

Appointed in 2022

Kelly A. Osborne
Board Member

Appointed in 2022

Suzanne S. Knowles
Board Member

Elected in 2021

Andrew L. Welk
Board Member

Elected in 2021

The Lampeter-Strasburg Board of School Directors encourages your communication. You can easily communicate with your Board in the following ways:

Attend a Board Meeting, Board Workshop, or Committee Meeting:

All meeting dates for the current year can be found on our meeting dates page. 

Send an Email:

In compliance with Act 84 of 2020, e-mail addresses for each school director are available to communicate with members of the school board regarding school district governance matters. Governance matters and the Role of the Board may be found here. If your inquiry or concern is not related to a Governance matter, please refer to the Handling a Concern document for the appropriate contact(s) within the School District.

Email the School Board

Use this address to send an email to all Board members, including the Board Secretary, Board Treasurer, and Superintendent. 

Write a Letter:

Letters to your Board of School Directors may be directed to:

Dr. Kevin S. Peart
Lampeter-Strasburg School District
P.O. Box 428
Lampeter, PA 17537 

Make a Phone Call:

Phone calls to your Board of School Directors may be directed to Dr. Kevin S. Peart, Superintendent, at 717-464-3311, ext. 1001.


Student Representatives

Lauren Livengood
Class of 2024

Truman Horst
Class of 2025

District Personnel

Kevin Peart, Ed.D.

Keith Stoltzfus
Business Manager/Treasurer

Mary Williams
Board Secretary