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School Age Child Care

School Age Child Care entrance

SACC Mission Statement

To fulfill the need for child care in a geographic area, while providing quality day care for the children as a service to their parents and the community.


The philosophy of the Lampeter-Strasburg School-Age Child Care program is based upon the individual and developmental needs of the children it will serve, namely children in kindergarten through grade five. The program reflects the school district's belief in a strong sense of community that is dedicated to nurturing children, providing for individual differences among them, and understanding that the rate of change among children varies greatly during the early school years.

Lampeter-Strasburg's School-Age Child Care program provides a "Home-Away-From-Home" environment that allows children opportunities for self-selected activities, large and small muscle activities, and experiences that will foster positive independence and cooperation. The staff includes child-oriented adults who adhere to the same philosophy. Each staff member will provide a safe, secure, and happy environment for the children.

We believe that these young members of the Lampeter-Strasburg family are deserving of the very best opportunities to develop and grow in an enriching and non-threatening setting. The L-S School-Age Child Care program is built upon what is best for our fragile and precious children.

Choices in a
Home-away-from-home environment with
Involvement of parents where children
Learn social skills with the guidance of
Developmentally responsive staff

Admissions, the provisions of services, and referrals of clients are made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex. Program services shall be made accessible to eligible persons with disabilities through the most practical and economically feasible methods available.


Current certificates of compliance and summary of inspections for the Lampeter-Strasburg SACC program also are available to parents through postings at each of the SACC sites. Parents can access full PA Department of Human Services (DHS) child care regulations here.

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