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Medications in School - Procedure

We discourage the administration of medication during school hours or during school events. However, if your medical provider decides it is necessary for your child to receive a medication during the school day or other school event, his/her approval and specific directions must be provided to the school. The PA State Law and the medication policy of Lampeter-Strasburg School District requires the written order of a physician/ dentist/CRNP/PA's and the written authorization of the parent/guardian for a nurse to administer both over the counter (OTC) or prescription medications. 

Medications must be in the original container for OTC or in a properly labeled, pharmacy-prepared container with the following information: Name, Address, Telephone, and Federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Number of the Pharmacy; Student’s Name, Directions for Use (dosage, frequency and time of administration, route, special instructions); Name and Registration Number of the Licensed Prescriber; Prescription Serial Number; Date Originally Filled; Name of Medication and Amount Dispensed. 

All medication must be dropped off by a parent/guardian or designated adult. Medication may not be transported by students unless a doctor completes a self-administration form and consent to carry is approved by the school nurse.

The nurse may only accept a 30-day supply of the medication that a child is taking.

The authorization is good for the current school year only. Unused medication should be collected from the school. Any uncollected medicine will be destroyed at the end of the school year or at the end of the prescribed duration of administration, whichever is sooner.