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Safety Committee

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Our Safety Committee is a Pennsylvania-certified safety committee, which means we meet the required criteria set forth by the state. This committee meets once a month and reviews workers' compensation claims, determines if these claims could have been avoided, and what necessary steps should be taken to ensure the accident does not occur again. We discuss any safety issues or concerns brought to the group by students, staff, or community members. The primary focus of our group is safety awareness. The fact that our safety committee is state certified entitles us to a 10 percent reduction on our workers' compensation premium. Below is a list of the members on the Safety Committee. The voting members serve a two-year term.

Safety Policy Statement

The Board of School Directors and the Superintendent have recognized the importance of the safety and health of the District's employees and students.

In the interest of providing a safe school environment and accident prevention, the Board of School Directors and the Superintendent support a formal safety committee, which is responsible for the following:

  • Creating and maintaining an active interest in safety.
  • Serving as a means of safety and health communications.
  • Making hazard inspections and recommending methods for elimination of hazards.
  • Providing information towards improvement of the safety program.
  • Develop and maintain an accident and illness prevention program, including a document that provides a simple and comprehensive guide addressing the requirement of Title 34, Chapter 129, Sub-chapter D, Section 129.452 program requirements.

The responsibility for the creation of a safe school environment rests with not only the safety committee, but also each employee by providing a positive and cooperative attitude.

The overall execution of an effective safety committee is the responsibility of the Superintendent or his or her designee.

It is the responsibility of each member of the Safety Committee to carry out the functions as described above and work collectively as a committee with the administrative staff when necessary.

The Safety Committee shall consist of at least one representative from each District building and have at least one non-administrative staff person for each administrative committee member.

The Safety Committee being sanctioned by this policy is for the purpose of promoting safety within all District facilities and is not related to the Crisis Committee, which is responsible for managing specific crisis situations.

Approved by Board of School Directors 06/24/10
Supersedes Policy Dated 02/03/97 and 08/04/08

Safety Committee Members:

  • Glenn Davis, Director of Buildings and Grounds (Chairman)
  • Adrian Baker, High School Teacher
  • Tammy Graybill, Human Resource Secretary
  • Elizabeth Henry, Secondary Librarian
  • Melanie Henry, SACC Director
  • Larry Royer, Martin Meylin Teacher
  • Karen Schmertz, Food Services
  • Melissa Swarr, High School Assistant Principal
  • Tim Wilson, Hans Herr Head Custodian

Advisory members:

  • Mary Vestermark, Hans Herr Nurse
  • William Griscom, Technology Director


Please contact Glenn Davis, Buildings & Grounds Director with questions or concerns.