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This area exists to honor the accomplishments of outstanding teams and individuals who participate in interscholastic athletic competition.

Pioneer Achievements

Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame

What is the Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame?
The Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame was created in the fall of 1991 in order to identify and give recognition to individuals who have achieved excellence in athletics at Lampeter-Strasburg or who have contributed outstanding service to the District's athletic program.

Who is eligible for induction?
Athletes, coaches, and community members may be inducted. In order to be eligible for nomination as an athlete, an individual must have been a graduate of Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Strasburg High School, or West Lampeter High School. Candidates must have graduated at least five years prior to their nomination. Coaches and community members who have contributed outstanding service are also eligible for nomination if they have been associated with the District's athletic program in a service capacity for at least five years. Once nominated, candidates are eligible for induction over the next 10 years. If after 10 years candidates are not selected, their names will be removed from the nomination list.

How are inductees chosen?
A nine member Selection Committee is charged to select inductees each year. Committee members are recruited to represent a wide variety of graduation eras. The Selection Committee is comprised of a Varsity Club Member, a member of the Hall of Fame Committee, an L-S Administrator, and six members at large from the community who will serve three-year staggered terms. All Selection Committee members review biographies of the candidates, and then rank all applications. The number of inductees each year will not exceed five.

How can I nominate someone for induction?

A: Nominations for the Hall of Fame can be made by writing to:
Mrs. Tina Byler / Hall of Fame
22 Kimberly Court
Lancaster, PA 17602

When nominating, please be sure to include the nominee's name, phone number, address, and year of graduation, if known. In addition, the name, address, and phone number of the person making the nomination should also be included in case more information is needed.

Nominations are due January 31 for the upcoming fall induction.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

L-S Hall of Fame Members


Please contact Branden Lippy, athletic director, or Sheila Raymond, building/athletic secretary, with questions or concerns.

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