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Hall of Fame

Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame

What is the Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame?
The Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame was created in the fall of 1991 in order to identify and give recognition to individuals who have achieved excellence in athletics at Lampeter-Strasburg or who have contributed outstanding service to the District's athletic program.

Who is eligible for induction?
Athletes, coaches, and community members may be inducted. In order to be eligible for nomination as an athlete, an individual must have been a graduate of Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Strasburg High School, or West Lampeter High School. Candidates must have graduated at least five years prior to their nomination. Coaches and community members who have contributed outstanding service are also eligible for nomination if they have been associated with the District's athletic program in a service capacity for at least five years. Once nominated, candidates are eligible for induction over the next 10 years. If after 10 years candidates are not selected, their names will be removed from the nomination list.

How are inductees chosen?
A nine member Selection Committee is charged to select inductees each year. Committee members are recruited to represent a wide variety of graduation eras. The Selection Committee is comprised of a Varsity Club Member, a member of the Hall of Fame Committee, an L-S Administrator, and six members at large from the community who will serve three-year staggered terms. All Selection Committee members review biographies of the candidates, and then rank all applications. The number of inductees each year will not exceed five.

How can I nominate someone for induction?

A: Nominations for the Hall of Fame can be made by writing to:
Mrs. Tina Byler / Hall of Fame
22 Kimberly Court
Lancaster, PA 17602

When nominating, please be sure to include the nominee's name, phone number, address, and year of graduation, if known. In addition, the name, address, and phone number of the person making the nomination should also be included in case more information is needed.

Nominations are due January 31 for the upcoming fall induction.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Lampeter-Strasburg Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Ryan Smith, Class of 2018 - Basketball, Golf

Mary Lou Landis Cannone, Class of 1967 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Softball, Track & Field
Sarah Lutz Hartman, Class of 1995 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Track & Field
Danielle Rittenhouse Carr, Class of 2009 - Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball
Jenna McHale, Class of 2011 - Field Hockey and Lacrosse

No Induction 

2007 Football Team - L-L League Section 3 Co-Champions and District 3 Class AAA Champions
Coaches/Staff: John Manion, Bill Heyser, Bill Valenzo Sr., Bill Valenzo Jr., Bill Geesey, Nate Geesey,
Bill Knapp, Victor Ridenour, Tim Shoff, Nick Brubaker, Larry Wallick, Jen McCrabb, Kim Planck
Players: Cason Neff, Brett Graeff, Christian Delrocini, Taylor Rutt, Chad Frey, Dan Kehoe, Blake Brubaker, GJ Frankford, Josh Ladson, Jon Carlson, Quinn Staley, Scott Woodruff, Nate Fowler, Nick Ferich, Rob Zimmerman, Josh Gross, Doug Kopp, Zach Halpin, Justin Taylor, Andrew Hansson, Ryan Nguyen, Ryan Brown, Chris Harnish, Michael Moyer, Joe Good, Peter Baker, Tyler Rathvon, Nate Kauffman, Blair Stevens, Andrew Krimmel, Vinny Santaniello, AJ Flick, Devin Keller, Anthony Cintron, Brian Shortes, Colin Lindsley, Evan Derr, Luke Richmond, Sam Guo, Teddy Force, Chris Eldredge, Matt Feiler, Nick Yingst, Will Kehoe, Sven Deatrick, Nate Talamantez, Matt Maser, Dan Beiswenger, Caleb Walker, Seth Rolko, Derek Lefever, Jonny Gainer, Elliot Frost, Abe Mellinger, Eric Denlinger

1998 Boys 1600 Meter Relay Team
Oliver Manosane, Jeremy Osborne, Jared Schnapf, Jansen Rudy

Lauren McHale, Class of 2008 - Field Hockey, Softball
Chad Sensenig, Class of 1991 - Baseball, Football

Jeremy Hess, Class of 2001 - Baseball, Football, Wrestling
Katie Lynch, Class of 2009 - Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball
Tracey Lynch, Class of 2005 -Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball
Meredith Chura Maher, Class of 2006 - Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field

2005 Baseball Team
Dominic Lombardo, Bobby Shoemaker, Jeff Bianchi, Mark Zurbrick, Ben Longenecker, Tommy Eschbach, Billy Dorgan, Ryan Visneski, Adam Reichenbach, Dan Velcheck, Eric See, Justin Guiliano, Manny Stoltzfus, Tyler Gansner, Charlie Haley, Chris Shehan, Shane Hess, Todd Garber, Keith Lynch, Chad Gunzenhauser, Matt Scheuing

Ryan Finger, Class of 2002 - Basketball
Ken Grove, Coach from 1978-88 - Football, Wrestling

Courtney Eckman, Class of 2007 - Cheerleading, Softball
David Sigler, Class of 1997 - Baseball, Basketball
Melissa Sipe Yowler, Class of 1991 - Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Track & Field

Todd Garber, Coach from 1993-2012 - Baseball
Emily Kruger, Class of 2003 - Cross Country, Track & Field

Jeff Bianchi, Class of 2005 - Baseball
Jessica Charles, Class of 2006 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball
Chris Shehan, Class of 2005 - Baseball
Jon Shehan, Class of 2000 - Baseball
Steve Williams, Class of 2002 - Track & Field

1994 Baseball Team
Rob Burger, Joel Byler, Brian Cisney, Ryan Daugherty, Anthony Denlinger, Donovan Denlinger,
Don Frank Jr., Scott Harsh, Ben Hollinger, Shawn Horner, Josh Lapp, Eric Lukacs, Jim Miller, Vince Rhinier, Todd Smith, Dave Thomann, Eric Vatter, Hank Devlin, Todd Garber, Joe Sloss, Jen Birk McCrabb,
Richard Balderston

Becky Brackbill Culbert, Class of 1996 -Field Hockey, Track & Field
Jeff Nesbitt, Class of 1992 - Soccer, Wrestling
Heather Benedict Saylor, Class of 2000 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer
Matthew Suter, Class of 2000 - Football
Sara Brackbill Thomas, Class of 1998 - Track & Field

Kelly Zander Black, Class of 1999 - Basketball, Soccer
Mary M. Hoover, Class of 1977 - Basketball, Track & Field
Mark Overly, Class of 1998 - Baseball, Soccer
Jared Schnapf, Class of 1999 - Cross Country, Track & Field
Jana Kauffman Smith, Class of 1999 - Cross Country, Track & Field

Michael Burcin, Class of 1994 - Basketball, Golf, Tennis
Robert Eckman, Class of 1990 - Football, Wrestling
Dera Ressel Roth, Class of 1975 - Gymnastics
Erin Armstrong Vinelli, Class of 1994 - Cheerleading, Track & Field

Derek Boyce, Class of 2001 - Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Gregg Henderson, Class of 1993 - Football, Wrestling
James Phipps, Class of 1998 - Soccer, Wrestling, Track & Field

Gerald Binkley, Class of 1952 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
David Bollinger, Class of 2000 - Football, Track, Wrestling
William DeMora, Jr., Class of 1978 - Baseball, Basketball, Football
Judy Witmer Detrich, Class of 1957 - Cheerleading, Field Hockey
Donnie Frank, Jr., Class of 1996 - Baseball, Basketball, Football

David R. Baltzer, Coach from 1987-2003 - Basketball, Softball
Tina McCord Byler, Class of 1971 - School & Community Athletic Services
Ronald A. Hildenbrand, Class of 1989 - Basketball, Football

Sara Burcin, Class of 1997 - Basketball
Blair Gantz, Class of 1997 - Basketball, Soccer
Anne Weaver-Lengacher, Class of 1965 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball

Melissa Spaulding Bliss, Class of 1989 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball
John F. "Jack" French, Class of 1952 - Soccer
Jeremy Groff, Class of 1997 - Basketball, Soccer, Track & Field
Ronald Mentzer, Class of 1954 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer

Rob Burger, Class of 1994 - Baseball, Basketball
Joel Byler, Class of 1995 - Baseball
Jeremy Laynor, Class of 1993 - Basketball, Soccer
Jason L. Lloyd, Class of 1986 - Football, Wrestling
Brett Thorius, Class of 1989 - Baseball, Football, Soccer

Quay Hanna, Class of 1988 - Baseball, Soccer
Steve Mersky, Class of 1977 - Baseball, Basketball, Football
Audrey Roop, Class of 1957 - Field Hockey
Dennis Weidman, Class of 1970 - Baseball, Basketball

Henry "Hank" Devlin, Coach from 1966-2000 - Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf
Richard "Dick" Goss, Class of 1961 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Milton E. Hershey, Class of 1951 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Jeffrey Pierce, Class of 1974 - Football
David S. Reinhart, Class of 1995 - Football, Soccer, Track & Field

Edward Apple, Class of 1952 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Richard Balderston, AD from 1966-94
Sherry Albright Clower, Class of 1990 - Basketball, Track & Field
Herb Witmer, Class of 1960 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer

Joseph "Bud" Keemer, Jr., Class of 1959 - Basketball
Thomas Krause, Class of 1964 - Basketball, Soccer, Track & Field
Chris R. Lefever, Class of 1960 - Basketball
Richard "Dick" Rineer, Class of 1959 - Basketball

Richard "Dick" Basciano, Coach from 1971-79 - Football, Gymnastics, Tennis, Track & Field
Andrew C. Brubaker, Class of 1980 - Baseball, Basketball
Dennis R. Deihm, Class of 1971 - Baseball, Basketball
J. Marlin High, Class of 1978 - Football
Daniel E. Welk, Class of 1989 - Baseball, Basketball

Carol A. High Dombach, Class of 1981 - Field Hockey, Track & Field
Randy C. Good, Class of 1973 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Amy Kopf, Class of 1990 - Basketball, Track & Field
Edward R. Krause, Coach - Basketball, Soccer, Track & Field
Thomas A. Weichler, Class of 1986 - Basketball, Football, Track & Field

Barry Decker, Class of 1964 - Track & Field
Douglas Smoot, Class of 1978 - Baseball, Football
Lloyd K. Witmer, Class of 1934 - Baseball, Basketball

Donald L. Frank, Sr., Class of 1973 - Gymnastics
Jere J. Schuler, Class of 1976 - Baseball, Basketball, Football
Tamzen M. Butler Staver, Class of 1981 - Basketball, Track & Field
Barry N. Weaver, Class of 1959 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Vicki L. Kendig Zurbrick, Class of 1977 - Basketball, Track & Field

William F. Bailes, Coach from 1959-93 - Cross Country, Track & Field, Wrestling
David A. Butler, Class of 1978 - Football
Barry W. Ferich, Class of 1956 - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
R. Martin Keen, Class of 1970 - Cross Country, Track & Field
Jere W. Schuler, AD from 1964-66 & Coach from 1956-93 - Baseball