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Various School Board Committees meet regularly to support the needs of the District. The Academic Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, and Finance Committee also have representation from community members. If you're interested in joining one of the committees, complete the form below.

The Academic Committee supports the District’s academic programming through the discussion and review of items related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Academic Committee Members: Matthew Parido (Chairperson), Suzanne Knowles, Audra Spahn, Kari Steinbacher

Community Members: Amanda Schlee (22-23, 23-24), Kristina Szoke (22-23, 23-24)

The Buildings and Grounds Committee reviews and recommends direction for the District properties to ensure students and staff have a safe and welcoming environment to grow and learn. 

Buildings and Grounds Committee Members: James Byrnes (Chairperson), Dustin Knarr, Matthew Parido, Andrew Welk

Community Members: John Strange (22-23, 23-24), Ryan Zerbe (22-23, 23-24)

The Finance Committee assists with the fiscal direction for the School District. The primary responsibilities are to determine a recommended budget for the upcoming year and plan for the financial needs of the students and community into the future.

Finance Committee Members: Dustin Knarr (Chairperson), Kelly Osborne, Kari Steinbacher, Andrew Welk

Community Member: Kevin Turner (22-23, 23-24), TBA (22-23, 23-24)

The Personnel Committee discusses various personnel topics, including the recommendation of new hires, acceptance of resignations and leaves, compensation, etc.

Personnel Committee Members: Suzanne Knowles (Chairperson), James Byrnes, Kelly Osborne, Audra Spahn

Now Seeking Community Committee Members

Two community members may be selected and approved by the Board of School Directors to serve a two-year term on the Academic Committee, Buildings/Grounds Committee, or Finance Committee. Interested in serving as a Community Member? 


Thank you for your interest in serving on a Lampeter-Strasburg School District Committee. Please complete the form below in its entirety.
Please note: you must be a resident of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District to be considered for one of the committees.
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Committee Selection

The Academic Committee typically meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm September through May.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee typically meets the third Monday of each month from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

The Finance Committee meets as needed, which is typically three to five times per year.

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Board of Review Committee

  • Melissa Herr (Chairperson)
  • James Byrnes
  • Matthew Parido

Executive Committee

  • Melissa Herr (Chairperson)
  • James Byrnes
  • Matthew Parido


Lancaster County Academy Joint Operating Committee
  • Suzanne Knowles
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
  • James Byrnes
  • Andew Welk, Alternate
Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau
  • Amanda Allison
  • Keith Stoltzfus, Alternate
Legislative Council
  • Kevin Peart, Ed.D.
L-L Intermediate Unit 13
  • Melissa Herr
L-S Athletic Council
  • Dustin Knarr
  • Matthew Parido, Alternate
PSBA Legislature
  • Audra Spahn
  • Suzanne Knowles, Alternate