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Martin Meylin Cape Henlopen Summer Trip Celebrates 20th Year

Middle school students got active, learned about the beach/bay ecosystem, and had a blast on the 20th Martin Meylin Cape Henlopen summer trip. 

Thirty eight middle school campers, five high school helpers, and five adults spent July 5-8 at Cape Henlopen State Park, taking in all the Delaware Bay and coast has to offer. This was the 20th year for the Martin Meylin Middle School sponsored program, and the first trip since 2019.


Camp Life - Home was a former military barracks within the park. The group enjoyed volleyball games and the high school helpers served meals in the camp mess hall.

Kids play in the surf and dig in the sand

Beach Life - In addition to planned activities, there's plenty of time to spend at the park's guarded beach.

Historic Fort Miles - Campers toured the Fort Miles Museum and climbed to the top of an observation tower. Fort Miles was a US Army installation built to defend the Delaware Bay and Delaware River during WWII.

Students kayak and use a seining net on the bay beach

Bay Activities - Campers enjoyed single and tandem kayaks and spent time using seining nets to catch and observe crabs, fish, and other aquatic creatures. 

Composite of students dune jumping, marsh traversing, and night hiking 

Hiking - Fitbits recorded more than 20,000 steps a day during the trip, which included a night hike on the bay and ocean, dune jumping, and a trek on the salt marsh spur. 

Students look at a sunset from a boat deck, shake hands with boat dogs

Sunset Cruise - The weather cleared on the final night of the trip for a beautiful sunset boat ride from Lewes harbor. Campers also spent an evening at the Rehoboth Boardwalk.

Dover Air Force Base Museum - The group stopped here on the way home for lunch and learning. 

Two people smiling; a man counts students getting onto the bus

Thank you Jeff Landis and Judy Boyd! Jeff and Judy are the heart of the Cape Henlopen trip and have been there from the very start. Jeff served as organizer for 19 years, and recently stepped back to chaperone/bus driver after his retirement as transportation coordinator in 2021. He's seen here doing a head count as students board the bus. Judy Boyd is a retired ISS teacher, and keeps the camp kitchen running smoothly every summer. She recently announced that this would be her last year for the trip. Jeff and Judy have positively impacted hundreds of students' lives through this program. Legends, both.