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Ninth Graders Attend JA STEM Summit

Ninth Graders Attend JA STEM Summit

Ninth graders learned about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields with hands-on sessions at the Junior Achievement STEM Summit. 

a large group of students watch and cheer during a chemistry experiment

Students at the STEM Summit watch and learn as a chemistry experiment takes shape

On February 15, ninth graders at Lampeter-Strasburg High School spent the day learning about possible career paths at the Junior Achievement STEM Summit. The event is designed to expose students to opportunities within STEM fields, offering science experiments, technology, engineering, math competitions, and trades modules.

The Junior Achievement team brought everything needed for the summit to the high school, including local professionals from seven STEM fields:

  • Chemistry

  • Electrical

  • Biology

  • Manufacturing

  • Math

  • Engineering

  • Technology

The volunteers, plus a representative from Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology, ran eight interactive sessions in the competition gym. Students spent the day in rotations, spending half an hour learning about each discipline. The entire freshmen class also began and ended the day with engaging all-class assemblies. 

students participate in biology, math, manufacturing and tech sessions
Students participate in electrical and engineering sessions

Ninth graders participate in STEM modules featuring (clockwise from upper left) biology, manufacturing, technology, engineering, electrical, and math.