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Mock Trial Club Debuts at High School

Mock Trial Club Debuts at High School

LSHS debuts a new student club for students interested in law. 


8 students in a courtroom

The LSHS Mock Trial Varsity Prosecution team (l-r): Front Row: Shrey Singh, Charlotte Wenner, Alyssa Sprout; Back Row: Lilah Schwartz, Jillian Kelly, Julian Lopez, Adriana Cedeno

This year, the High School introduces a brand-new competitive club for students, the Mock Trial Club.

This club is available to students who are interested in law or just want to try something new. Each year, the Pennsylvania Bar Association creates a new fictional legal case and distributes it to all participating high school mock trial teams. When the case is sent out, the teams will collaborate to research it and develop examination questions, as well as opening and closing statements, to argue their side of the case further. 

The LS Mock Trial Team had so many interested students this year that it was divided into four teams, totaling 24 individuals. The club has two prosecution teams: "Varsity" and "JV." It also had two defense teams: "Varsity" and "JV."

After the teams were formed, the team worked together for many hours before, during, and after school. All of their hard work and determination paid off when they went to the Lancaster County Courthouse to compete in trials against other local schools. The Varsity Prosecution team even won their case against Cocalico's Mock Trial team.

At the courthouse trials, awards were presented to the members of the team whom the opposing counsel determined to be the best advocates and witnesses for the case. Charlotte Wenner, Annaliese Sauve, Juliana Fry, and Julia Knapp received the Best Advocate award. Julian Lopez, Rehema Ongosi, Remy Colosi, and Anna Reed received the Best Witness award.

Varsity Defense (l-r): Ava Leonard, Annaliese Sauve, Kaitlin Churchill, Lauren Livengood, Remy Colosi, Abra Smucker

7 students in a courtroom

JV Prosecution (l-r): Front Row: Juliana Fry, Sophia Knarr, Isabella Langerholt; Back Row: Saaketh Vemuri, Madeline Frego, Chloe Beatty, Rehema Ongosi

7 students in a courtroom

JV Defense (l-r): Annie Kirumba, Saaketh Vemuri, Julia Knapp, Marianne Gomez-Marquez, Derrick Sprout, William Johnston-McCormack, Anna Reed