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Class of 2024 High School Heroes

Class of 2024 High School Heroes

Nearly four dozen high school seniors visit with third graders at Hans Herr through the High School Heroes program.


four dozen high school students pose in an elementary school hallway

The Class of 2024's High School Heroes

The High School Heroes are a group of senior students who demonstrate leadership and community involvement. Throughout the school year, the group visits Hans Herr Elementary School to introduce themselves to third-grade students and educate them on the value of positive lifestyle choices such as healthy friendships and staying away from substance abuse. 

Not every student is eligible to join High School Heroes. To participate in Heroes, students must not only be in good academic standing but also be invited by faculty to apply. Our Heroes are seniors who participate in a variety of activities both within and outside of school, maintain consistent attendance, and have good grades.

This is a fascinating experience for not just the young students at Hans Herr Elementary School, but also for the seniors, who get to pass on what they learned in third grade. Many of the current Heroes remember being visited by the Class of 2015 during their time at Hans Herr, so they were more than excited to return and do the same for the current students.

The 2024 High School Heroes


  • Alicia Bennethum
  • Faith Berry
  • Dylan Bliss
  • Kenyon Bowman
  • Hannah Cissne
  • Carson Coleman
  • Mckenna Donaldson
  • Marin Eberly
  • Natalie Eichelberger
  • Jennifer Eshleman
  • Julian Eves
  • Matthew Fink
  • Aiden Flory
  • Molly Gochnauer
  • Justin Gouger
  • Talia Hall
  • Londyn Henry
  • Payton Hillen 
  • Isabella Hirschmann
  • Natalie Holland
  • Noah Kennel
  • Kiera Knapp
  • Owen Krause
  • Emma Landis
  • Olivia Leed
  • Ava Leonard
  • Julian Lopez
  • Ezechiel Lukusa
  • Makenna Martin
  • Kelsey McTaggart
  • Rehema Ongosi 
  • Elisabeth Reinhart
  • Madeline Ross
  • Kunj Savani
  • Avery Schreck
  • Haley Sharpe
  • Alyssa Sprout
  • Terrence Stinson
  • Lillian Weaver
  • Bennett Wehibe
  • Jack Weiler
  • Charlotte Wenner

High School Heroes in Action (February 22, 2024)