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2022 Burrowes Scholars Recognized

Students from grades five, eight, and eleven were recognized for diligence and academic excellence at the annual Burrowes Scholars award ceremony on May 5, 2022. 

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Students from grades five, eight, and eleven were recognized for diligence and academic excellence at the annual Burrowes Scholars award ceremony on May 5, 2022. 

Each year, Lampeter-Strasburg educators choose from among the best and brightest students in each subject area to select Burrowes Scholars. Recipients of this long-standing District award are chosen from the fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades. This year's group includes two gold winners, nine silver winners, and three students receiving awards in two subject areas.

The Burrowes Scholars program is named for Dr. Thomas Henry Burrowes, a Strasburg native and esteemed education advocate who played a large part in passing the laws on which the nation's public school system is based. Dr. Burrowes also served as the president of Pennsylvania State University. The students selected as Burrowes Scholars each year exemplify traits befitting of Dr. Burrowes. They are self-motivated, diligent individuals who challenge themselves to excel and to be leaders both inside and outside the classroom.

We are proud to present these students as the 2022 Burrowes Scholars!

Fifth-Grade Burrowes Scholars

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Class of 2029 Burrowes Scholars

Row 1 (from left) - Eileen Wieand, Asha Lindskog, Jenna Stauffer, and Gabrielle Edwards. Row 2 - Santino Moscoso Rondon, Bethany Sanborn, Trinity Carter, Abigail Geidel, Olivia Lewis, Ella Denlinger, Bryce Hartz, Tate Messinger, and Rudra Patel. Row 3 - Eleanor Curtis, Sophia Coon, McKenna Black, Kaitlyn Barrall, Connor Allison, Sam Samberg, and Emma Stiles. 

  • Connor Allison - Mathematics
  • Kaitlyn Barrall - Language Arts
  • McKenna Black - Mathematics
  • Trinity Carter - Physical Education
  • Sophia Coon - Mathematics
  • Eleanor Curtis - Mathematics
  • Ella Denlinger - Mathematics
  • Gabrielle Edwards - Language Arts
  • Abigail Geidel - Vocal Music
  • Bryce Hartz - Physical Education
  • Olivia Lewis - Language Arts
  • Asha Lindskog  - Language Arts
  • Tate Messinger - Language Arts
  • Santino Moscoso Rondon - Art
  • Rudra Patel - Mathematics
  • Sam Samberg - Orchestra
  • Bethany Sanborn - Band
  • Jenna Stauffer - Language Arts
  • Emma Stiles - Language Arts
  • Eileen Wieand - Language Arts

Eighth-Grade Burrowes Scholars

11 people, smiling

Class of 2026 Burrowes Scholars

 (from left) - Grace Phipps, Merin Kauffman. Elizabeth Shiffer, Madeline Frego, Julia Knapp, Alex Sutherland, Evan Taggart, Carlos Berrios, Jack Ross, Chase Hurst, and Trevor Groff. Not Pictured: Addison Boyd and Eliana Ruiz

  • Carlos Berrios - Social Studies and Spanish
  • Addison Boyd - Band
  • Madeline Frego - Physical Education
  • Trevor Groff* - Mathematics
  • Chase Hurst* - Physical Education
  • Merin Kauffman* - Art
  • Julia Knapp* - Language Arts
  • Grace Phipps* - Orchestra
  • Eliana Ruiz - Health
  • Jack Ross - Technology Education
  • Elizabeth Shiffer - Music
  • Alex Sutherland - Science
  • Evan Taggart - German

Eleventh-Grade Burrowes Scholars

15 people, smiling, on steps

Class of 2023 Burrowes Scholars

Row 1 (from left) - Lana Dyer, Madison Baker, Sophia Fiorello, Laura Leaman, Zachary Labrecque, Hunter Hildenbrand, Luke Brenneman, and Braden Weese. Row 2 - Krista Lambert, Maya Carl, Katelyn Ranck, Tanner Groff, Madison Weichler, Jenna Hoover, and Kira Fritz

  • Madison Baker - Science
  • Luke Brenneman - Physical Education
  • Maya Carl - Band
  • Lana Dyer - Vocal Music
  • Sophia Fiorello - English
  • Kira Fritz - Art
  • Tanner Groff - Technology Education
  • Hunter Hildenbrand - Business Education
  • Jenna Hoover* - German
  • Krista Lambert** - Mandarin
  • Zachary Labrecque - Social Studies
  • Laura Leaman* - Orchestra and Spanish
  • Katelyn Ranck* - Agriculture and Family & Consumer Science
  • Braden Weese** - Mathematics
  • Madison Weichler* - Physical Education

* Silver Award Winner (second time Burrowes Scholar)
** Gold Award Winner (third time Burrowes Scholar)

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