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Miller and White are High School Teachers of the Quarter

Learning support teacher Melissa Miller and science teacher Erica White are Lampeter-Strasburg High School’s Teachers of the Quarter for the first and second marking periods of the 2020-2021 school year, respectively.

Teachers or staff members can be nominated for this award by students, colleagues, or members of the public. A committee reviews nominations quarterly to make a decision. Teachers are publicly recognized and receive a gift from administrators.

Melissa Miller - Teacher of the Quarter, MP I

Miller Q10 2020 2021 web Melissa Miller - Teacher of the Quarter MP I

Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA

College: Millersville University

Years teaching at L-S: 15

Subjects taught: English, math, biology

What do you love about teaching? I love when students have that “lightbulb” moment when a concept clicks for them as well as when they find success in classes that may be in an area in which they have struggled. The expressions on students’ faces when they rock an assignment makes my day, and I really love when students share their sense of humor with us in class.

I also love learning about all the different pop culture interests my students have that we may share, such as anime, manga, and the appreciation of other cultures. Virtual learning days have actually allowed me to learn more about all of my students since the pictures they choose for (Zoom) icons becomes a nice talking point as we wait for everyone else to join us.

What has it been like to teach during a pandemic? It’s definitely been a lot to juggle with in-person versus virtual instruction with the hybrid model, but my students have grown a lot with their communication with me and other teachers on virtual days.

Erica White - Teacher of the Quarter, MP II

White Q2 2020 2021 web Erica White - Teacher of the Quarter MP II

Hometown: Manheim, PA

College: University of Pittsburgh

Years Teaching at L-S: Four at L-S, but 15 as a science teacher

What do you love about teaching? Every day is different from the one before and the one after. The students teach ME so much! It is I who is blessed to be working at L-S. I have the best students and leadership. Take care of each other!

What has it been like to teach during a pandemic? It has been a blessing to have such understanding, kind students who epitomize perseverance and resilience. I admire these students for all they do, and all the ways each demonstrates strong character and a positive sense of humor. It has been a blast teaching this year, but it is due to all the wonderful people in my classroom every day.

Ms. Miller and Mrs. White have a special connection in that they taught together when Mrs. White first arrived at L-S. They do a great job explaining each other's strengths:

“I owe a lot to Missy. From the very beginning, Missy has been my compass. Sometimes she would hold my infant son while we collaborated, and Missy encouraged me to be the teacher I truly wanted to be. She made suggestions from the modified curriculum about which graduate courses I should take. Missy is a huge asset to L-S.”
-Erica White

“I co-taught with Mrs. White during her first few years of teaching at L-S. It was awesome working with a teacher as cooperative as she is in a rotational classroom model. I didn’t know anyone who was more upbeat and chipper than me until I met her! :-)”
-Melissa Miller

Congratulations Ms. Miller and Mrs. White!

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