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Martin Meylin Students Find Oasis in Library

Library Ambassadors 2020 web

The 2019-2020 Library Ambassador Team: (from left) Annika Hofstetter, Mckenna Donaldson, Mrs. Henry, Elliana Donaldson, and Aftin Feathers

Library Ambassadors Shelving 2020 web

Most afternoons, eighth-grader Annika Hofstetter can be found in the Martin Meylin Middle School library, shelving books, making recommendations, or walking classmates through technical problems.

“Shelving books is so stress-relieving,” she says. “I love the organizing aspect and also making sure the books are straight on the shelves.”

Her friends nod enthusiastically in agreement. Annika enlisted classmates Aftin Feathers and McKenna Donaldson, plus McKenna’s sister Elliana - a seventh-grader - to join her in the library. The group spends time in the library any time they can.

The inspiration behind the library ambassadors is Rae Ann Henry, who has been the Martin Meylin library assistant since 2006. She has been running the program for the past 10 years, providing a safe place to land for students who feel at home in the quiet library.

“The ambassadors enhance my experience in so many ways,” said Mrs. Henry. “ They pick up on jobs that allow me to focus on student needs in a larger way. The ambassadors work together so beautifully making sure our supplies are kept stocked and that the shelves are neat. I can truly breathe a sigh of relief knowing I have their help during busy Directed Activities periods.”

The ambassadors also gush about Mrs. Henry, saying they can talk to her about anything and that she remembers their favorite types of candy. The group also enjoys celebrating, and they turn everything from from the leaves falling to the grass turning green into a cause for festivity.

Mrs. Henry plans to retire at the end of this year, and Aftin, Annika, and McKenna will be heading to high school. Still, Elliana hopes to keep the library ambassadors program alive next year. She already has her sights set on a few sixth graders.

“I just like helping people,” she says.

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