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Distinguished Alumni Award

For the past two decades, Lampeter-Strasburg School District has presented the Distinguished Alumni Award to a graduate who has gone on to contribute outstanding service to mankind through his or her profession and/or community involvement. Nominees must have graduated from L-S at least 15 years ago and must be nominated by a friend, colleague, or family member. 
Applications for the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award are due by March 18, 2022. A selection committee will meet to determine the award recipient in April. The winner will be honored at the Lampeter-Strasburg Board Recognition Dinner in May of 2022 at a date to be announced. 
All nominee packets will stay on file for a period of five years, during which time the nominee will be considered annually for the award. Entries received from 2019-2021 also will begin the five-year countdown in 2022.

Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form

Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

2020 & 2021 - No Award
2019 - Dr. M. Frances Keen (Class of 1967)
2018 - Ms. Mary Caperton Morton (Class of 2000)
2017 - Mr. Jack Poplar, MRA, CRC, LPC (Class of 1973)
2016 - Mr. David J. Petrick (Class of 1998)
2015 - Col. Stuart A. Roop, USA MC (Class of 1984)
2014 - Dr. Lisa M. McLeod (Class of 1991)
2013 - Mrs. Doris J. Hall-Gulati
2012 - Ms. Ann Metcalf
2011 - Mr. Luke A. Becker
2010 - Mr. Kenneth S. Meck
2009 - Dr. L. James Kiscaden
2008 - Dr. Wyeth D. Bair
2007 - Mr. Jeffrey I. Pierce
2006 - Mr. Daryl F. Bloom
2005 - Dr. Jill B. Keeney
2004 - Dr. Daniel C. Good
2003 - Mr. S. Dale High
2002 - Mr. Theodore Strickler