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Children are home-schooled for a variety of reasons and some of these reasons may dictate the type of educational materials selected. For example, a family may be interested in a classical education or perhaps a faith-based curriculum.

If you are considering homeschooling as an educational option, Please review the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide. Although the guide does not yet reflect the changes in compulsory attendance for homeschooling, it does provide a wealth of information.

If you plan on homeschooling and your child is currently enrolled at L-S, please contact that building’s guidance office or secretary to withdraw your child if you have not already done so.

As a summary, you would need to submit the following documentation annually by August 1st:

  1. An original notarized homeschool affidavit. PDE has both an elementary and secondary homeschool affidavit on their website as do other websites. Please verify the affidavit is for the state of PA and if it says you have attached any documents, they must be attached.
  2. Your Objectives for each child.
  3. Evidence of age and immunization as presented in the Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide linked above.
  4. For special education students, objectives must be pre-approved by a homeschool evaluator with the appropriate credentials (special education teacher, school/ licensed clinical psychologist). This approval must accompany the affidavit and objectives.
  5. If you are transferring to L-S and you were previously a homeschool supervisor at another school district in Pennsylvania, please request a “Letter of Transfer” from the superintendent of your previous district of residence be sent to the address below.

Additionally, you will at some point need to employ an appropriately credentialed homeschool evaluator for your child(ren). This end-of-year evaluation is due by June 30 each year.

Please mail homeschool paperwork to:

PO BOX 428
LAMPETER PA 17537-0428

Another option would be to drop off paperwork at administration building; use the door closest to the tennis courts to insert the papers through the mail slot. Paperwork must be in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs. Holliday.

Homeschool Information


Please contact Dr. Andrew Godfrey, Assistant Superintendent, with questions or concerns.