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Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

Do you want to get a jump on Reading Workshop pages for next year?

The Martin Meylin Reading Teachers are offering an opportunity for students to keep up their reading skills over the summer and to earn pages toward next year's Reading Workshop page goals.
It's as easy as 1-2-3! Read a book. Complete the deposit slip, check stub and book response. Then get a parent / guardian's signature on the check stub. In the fall, turn deposit slip and check stubs in to your new reading teacher. If all required information is provided, you will receive credit for your efforts.

Here's how it works!
Select a book to read that you have never read before and record it on the deposit slip. Feel free to use this as a starting point for your reading. Your local public librarian will also be able to suggest other titles of interest.
When you finish the book, complete the check stub and book response. A list of response prompts is provided along with a sample check stub.
Record all of your summer books on the deposit slip. This will be your way of keeping track of your summer reading page total.
How do I "cash in?"
Bring all completed forms to your new reading teacher in the fall. You will be able to open a "Reading Workshop Checking Account."
A minimum deposit of 250 pages is required to open your account.
Each marking period, you may withdraw a maximum of 250 pages from your checking account to be applied to the total pages read during that marking period.
Additional copies of the deposit slip and check stub can be obtained from the Martin Meylin Middle School office or your can download and print them here!

Reading Prompts

When your book is completed, please select one of the following prompts to respond in writing to the story. Write at least one paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences). This should not be a retelling of the story, but should be a personal reaction to some aspect of the book. When possible, please include incidents and events from the story to support your response. Write the response number at the beginning of your entry on the check stub.

1. If you could change one thing about this book, what would it be? Why and how would you change it?

2. How did you feel while you were reading this book? Did it make you want to laugh or cry? Why? How? What did the book make you think about?

3. Most novels have a conflict. What was the major conflict in your book? How was it resolved? Do you think this was the best solution? How else could it have been resolved?

4. Describe the main character in the book. Use at least 3 examples to support your own ideas.

5. What do you think is the theme of this book, what is it trying to teach or say? How does the theme (message) relate to your life? Use at least 3 examples from the story to support your own ideas.

6. Is there a character in this book that reminds you of yourself? How are you and this character alike? (OR... Is there a character who is more like your opposite? How are you and this character different?)

7. What are the best and worst parts of this book? How would you rate this book and to whom would you recommend it? Why?

8. How does this book relate to any other book you've read or movie you've seen? In your entry describe the similarities and differences between the two.

9. If you have read any other books by this author, do you see any similarities or differences? How are they alike? How are they different?

10. If there is a hero in your book, who is it and why would this character be considered a hero? Compare this character to other heroes or people that you know.

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