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The Lampeter-Strasburg School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes individual student differences. Embodied in this commitment is the responsibility to help gifted students maximize their potential.

Lampeter-Strasburg School District recognizes the varied dimensions of giftedness and thus utilizes multiple criteria to identify gifted students. These students exhibit learning styles and thinking dimensions which demand experiences both inside and outside the educational mainstream. The program for gifted students provides a comprehensively planned curriculum that allows both acceleration and enrichment. Incorporated in the program are higher-level thinking skills such as inquiring, problem solving and creative thinking. Development of self-direction, risk-taking, curiosity, imagination and interpersonal relations are also emphasized.
Long range goals of this district's program for gifted students are self-actualization and development of a sense of responsibility to self, school and a changing society. Consistent with district philosophy regarding the education of all students, the school endeavors to work with the home and community.

Curriculum for 7th & 8th Grade Gifted Students

The Gifted program in both seventh and eighth grades focuses on five sets of learning objectives: affective skills, creativity, higher level thinking skills, leadership and study skills. Affective skills focus on personal, emotional and social development. Creativity works on problem-solving skills that emphasize "leap of logic" thinking connections. Critical thinking involves using logic and the scientific process to solve concrete problems. Leadership analyzes group dynamics and helps students learn how to work in a group toward a goal. Study skills teaches the student how to use tools to complete tasks. These same skills have been taught in elementary school, and will continue into the high school.

Independent Study Gifted Reading Workshop for 7th & 8th Grade Gifted Students

Gifted students in seventh and eighth grade are generally taken out of Reading Class to attend their Gifted class. Provisions can be made for students that parents or teachers feel should not miss direct Reading instruction, but the majority of Gifted students are gifted readers. To encourage students to become life-long readers, they will continue to read independently, accountable to the Gifted Support teacher who will provide individual feedback and extension activities based on what they are reading.

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