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Student Dress Code


Lampeter-Strasburg School Board Policy on Student Dress: "Student apparel shall be governed by good taste, neatness, modesty, cleanliness, and safety. Items which are harmful to school buildings or equipment are prohibited. Within the total framework of the student dress code, the final decision regarding appropriateness of student apparel shall be reserved for the administrators of the respective buildings. Items of dress, which distract from the learning environment or create a disruptive reaction by students, will be prohibited. Student members of school organizations shall adhere to the additional regulations concerning apparel and appearance as deemed appropriate for these respective activities by the advisors, and approved by the administration. Teachers of certain subjects such as physical education, science, technology education and family consumer science will give further instructions as to appropriate clothing to wear when in those classrooms.

...what not to wear (NOT allowed)

1. Pants worn below the waistline
2. Girls skirts or dresses - length should be below finger tips extended. (Material visible below finger tips)
3. Slacks/pants/shorts length should be below finger tips extended and should not be heavily torn.
4. Hats or sunglasses inside the building
5. Bare feet, shower, or beach footwear, bedroom slippers, or sports sandals
6. Bare mid-section, see through shirts and blouses, exposed undergarments
7. Underclothing or imitations thereof worn as outer garments/PJ's/sleeping attire
8. Cut off sleeves, tank tops, and halter tops
9. Headbands or bandanas
10. Jackets, coats, or outer garment worn during the school day unless authorized by a staff member
11. Clothing depicting anything illegal, immoral, violent, or morbid.
12. Clothing displaying suggestive remarks
13. Clothing displaying beer, liquor, or drugs
14. Book bags should be kept in student lockers and not be taken from class to class
15. Unnatural hair color
16. Glitter on hair, face, or elsewhere
17. Metal objects or chains that could be damaging.
18. Clothing that touches or drags on the floor, or that inhibits normal body movement.
19. Students wearing excessive tight pants (yoga, leggings, and tights) must have an upper garment down to the finger tips.

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