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Phys Ed/Health/Fitness and Wellness

P.E./Health/Fitness & Wellness Department Members

Bianchi, Joan

Physical Education Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Fantazzi, Gregory

Health Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Heeter, Bradley

Fitness & Wellness Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Weiss, Dustin

Physical Education Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Physical Education:

Physical education class is an opportunity to be introduced to sports that can be played on many different levels… at home, in a recreation league, in interscholastic play, etc. Students are introduced to basic concepts and they work their way into a modified "game". Learning the basic skills in sports gives students a different perspective and also an appreciation for the sport. Even if the student does not play the sport competitively, they will understand the basic premise, rules, and skills required to participate. Team sports require cooperation and teamwork… skills we use in everyday life. Ball sports develop hand-eye coordination, timing, and movement skills. At the middle school level, we are not setting students up to be players on the school team… we are introducing the sport and giving opportunity to practice in a fun, non-threatening environment.

Fitness & Wellness:

Students have the opportunity to PLAY… something important to all children this age. They are exposed to various activities that can be played at many levels. There are many ways to become physically fit. Find something you enjoy and DO IT!!! We want our students to become more active and encourage others to join them in increasing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.

Health Education:

At all levels, we stress gaining information and using that information to make positive, healthy choices and decisions. All topics are relevant to things the students see almost every day in their own lives, a friend's life, the news, the community, etc. We encourage students to become lifelong learners… stressing the importance of keeping up-to-date and informed as they get older. We also emphasize discussing topics at home with parents. Health class is the perfect place to take time to incorporate a wide array of topics into the students' lives. Almost any situation they encounter can in one way or another be related to health.

6th Grade Physical Health: taking care of the body, nutrition, physical fitness, safety, basic first aid
7th Grade 7 Mental Health: (how we feel about ourselves) and Addictions
8th Grade Social Health: (relationships), Sex Education, Diseases

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