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Math Department Members

Allen, Lisa

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Beers, Jennifer

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Jamieson, Amy

Math Assistant
Martin Meylin Middle School

Manion, John

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Middleton, Rebecca

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Raymond, Adriene

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Rowe, Joellen

Math Teacher
Martin Meylin Middle School

Middle School Math Philosophy

The Martin Meylin Math Department strives to provide a variety of experiences that will develop each student's ability to use mathematics as a tool to better understand and communicate about the world. At each level students will apply and extend previous skill and knowledge, practice problem solving strategies, and learn to reason mathematically. Methods of instruction will include oral, written, hands-on, and technological approaches.

6th Grade Curriculum

The 6th grade curriculum focuses on building the foundations of arithmetic operations with decimals and fractions. It also includes statistics and plane geometry, and introduces pre-algebra.

7th Grade Curriculum

The 7th grade math curriculum will continue arithmetic skills, introduce integers, begin three-dimensional geometry, and provide a foundation for algebraic reasoning, data analysis, and probability.

8th Grade Curriculum

The 8th grade curriculum concentrates on pre-algebra skills with all mathematic topics. Probability and patterns are two new topics that are introduced.

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