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Thankful at Thanksgiving

Poyer Thanksgiving 2021 web

Mrs. Poyer and her class walk quietly back to class on November 23, 2021.

There's so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Fowler Thanksgiving 2021 web

We are thankful for those who serve. Mrs. Fowler’s class gathered snacks, supplies, and good cheer to send to their adopted troop, 2015 grad Austin Stoltzfus. Austin is currently stationed in Egypt on a peacekeeping mission.

Mannix Thanksgiving 2021 web

We are thankful for students. First graders passed the mic to share what they were thankful for. Family, friends, pets, and ‘this puppet show’ were popular answers.

Feast Thanksgiving 2021 web

We are thankful for dedicated educators. Kindergartners enjoyed a special snack at the annual Thanksgiving feast. Kindergarten teachers worked hard to prepare snacks and crafts for both AM and PM students.

Food Parade 2021 web

We are thankful for fun. First graders paraded around Lampeter Elementary School dressed as their favorite foods on November 22.

Thanksgiving Meal web

We are thankful for tradition. Everyone had the chance to enjoy a Thanksgiving preview lovingly prepared by the cafeteria staff at the annual Turkey Lunch on November 17. Breakfast and lunch meals are free for all students this year.

Thanksgiving Meal MM web

We are thankful for steady leadership. Administrators served students during the holiday meal. Dr. Peart, Mr. Raum, and Mrs. Kowitz dished out lunch at Martin Meylin Middle School.

Red Thanksgiving 2021 web

We are thankful for shelter. Students and staff in all schools wore red on November 19, like Dr. Westphal and these second-grade friends, to commemorate Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

Smith Hogan Barter Thanksgiving 2021 web

We are thankful for friends. Mrs. Smith’s and Mrs. Hogan’s classes had fun exchanging handmade trinkets today during a Thanksgiving bartering activity.

Food Drive 2021 web

We are thankful for food. The student council at L-S High School ran a collection for food banks in tandem with the districtwide Turkey Drive. Thank you to all who participated!

. . . and so much more. We are thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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