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First Grade Creates, Visits Lampeter Lampeter Fair

L L Fair

Dr. Westphal shows a first grader around the Lampeter Lampeter Fair on September 24.

Visiting the Lampeter Fair is a first-grade tradition. Not only is it the first field trip of the year, but it also ties in with the school’s “From Farm to Table” first-grade science curriculum. So when this year’s Lampeter Fair was closed to school trips, a pair of first-grade teachers got creative and decided that, if they couldn’t bring students to the fair, they would bring the fair to them.

“First-grade teachers really agreed to the idea,” explained first-grade teacher Michelle Gilger, who thought up the idea with fellow teacher Suzanne Mannix. “Each classroom designed their own fair stand and learned about a particular part of the fair to share with other first graders.”

Teachers partnered with the L-S High School agriculture department for ideas and resources. Classes prepared for the fair by learning about their topics and then creating crafts and artwork to decorate their stands. Even Dr. Westphal, the school’s new principal, joined the fun by operating the traditional L-S stand, complete with Pioneer pens and stickers. The Lampeter Lampeter Fair is open to first-grade classes, by appointment, on September 24-25.

“The students have been super excited about our trip to the fair,” says Mrs. Gilger. “They will wear their Lampeter t-shirts with pride as we PIONEER our first-ever Lampeter Lampeter Fair.”

L L Fair 2020 Apples web

A first grader completes the traditional Fair scavenger hunt form

L L Fair Cows web

Student work on display at the Lampeter Lampeter Fair

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