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L-S High School Teacher of the Quarter: Mrs. Swarr

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The Lampeter-Strasburg High School Teacher of the Quarter for the 2020-2021 third marking period is English teacher Katrina Swarr. Mrs. Swarr grew up in New Holland and earned degrees from Millersville University, the University of Massachusetts, and Penn State University. She has been at L-S for 24 of her 25-years as an educator. She currently teaches ninth-grade English, Mass Media Literacy, and Accelerated English and Communications and is an LSEA union representative. Mrs. Swarr also coaches the L-S varsity field hockey team, serves on the senior class task force, and can be found helping out anywhere she can to make school special for kids. She lives in the district with her husband and three children.

Here’s what Mrs. Swarr has to say about teaching at L-S:

What do you love about teaching?
THE KIDS!!! They are the best! And, they keep me young at heart!
I love the challenge of trying new things.
I also love that every single day is unique and eventful.
I love that I can be silly (and loud)—even though some days this can be exhausting.

What is it like teaching during the pandemic?
Like every other year, the kids are awesome! It has been a serious challenge for people of my experience (the old ones) in having to figure out how to reach in person and asynchronous learners at the same time. BUT, it has really made it clear what is important to teach and what instructional techniques really work!! And, it did not prevent me from laughing with and enjoying my students. Personally, I really miss all the fun activities and the social events. I am glad this isn’t normal. While I love teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening, I missed seeing all of the kids every day! I can’t wait to get back to real life and smiling faces!!

Anything else you would like to share?
I absolutely love working here, and I love the community in which I live. Since those two things are the same, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am. I have always taken great pride in the district! And, I work with some pretty awesome people. I have witnessed, firsthand, how much every teacher invests in the students at L-S, as my children have progressed through the district. While I don’t always personally agree with the policies and procedures, especially this year, I know that decisions are made that are in the best interests of all children; therefore, I feel blessed to be a part of the L-S district. There is no other place I would rather be!!

Congratulations Mrs. Swarr!

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