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High School Artists Win Scholastic and Lancaster County Young Artist Awards

2021 Art Awards Golds web

Gold award-winning artwork from (top row, l-r): Josie Lau, Carter Stabinger, Sofia Bua, Wren Miller, Wren Miller, and Lana Dyer (middle row, l-r): Ava Martin, Maya Bowman, Josie Lau, and Alyssa Zaepfel (bottom row, l-r): Wren Miller, Jasmine Thompson, Lana Dyer, Taya Puffenberger, Lana Dyer, and Tonna Harnish

The L-S Art Department is excited to announce winners in both the 2021 Scholastic Art Awards and Lancaster County Young Artist Awards! The artists’ work will be included in a virtual Demuth/Lancaster Museum of Art exhibition from Tuesday, March 9, through Friday April 30.

Scholastic Art Awards
12 LSHS Artists received 34 awards, including 12 Gold Keys

Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Jordan Knisely - 2 Honorable Mentions

Josie Lau - Gold Key, 3 Silver Keys, 5 Honorable Mentions
Tonna Harnish - Gold Key, Honorable Mention
Taya Puffenberger - Silver Key, Honorable Mention
BaiLee Herr - Honorable Mention

Wren Miller - Gold Key
Ava Martin - Gold Key
Jasmine Thompson - Gold Key

Animation - Claymation
Jasmine Thompson - Silver Key

Digital Art
Maya Bowman - Gold Key
Jordan Knisely - Silver Key

Jordan Knisely - Honorable Mention


Lana Dyer - 3 Gold Keys

Mixed Media
Wren Miller - 2 Gold Keys, Silver Key

Emaly Garrett - Honorable Mention

Alyssa Zaepfel - Gold Key
Ava Martin - Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Wren Miller - Honorable Mention

Lancaster County Young Artist Awards
19 L-SHS artists won 50 awards, including 6 golds

Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Jasmine Thompson - Silver Award
Jordan Knisely - 2 Honorable mentions
Alexa Turner - Honorable Mention
Taylor Straley - Honorable Mention
Lance Callithen - Honorable Mention
Abigail Crump - Honorable Mention

Mixed Media
Wren Miller - Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards, Honorable Mention

Sofia Bua - Gold Award
Taya Puffenberger - Gold Award, Silver Award
Josie Lau - 3 Silver Awards, 5 Honorable Mention
Tonna Harnish - Silver Award, Honorable Mention
Mariah Beiler - Honorable Mention
Samantha Monroy - Honorable Mention

Jasmine Thompson - Gold Award, Silver Award, 3 Honorable Mentions
Wren Miller - Gold Award, Silver Award
Tonna Harnish - Honorable Mention
Madelyn Whispell - Honorable Mention

Jasmine Thompson - Silver Award

Madelyn Whispell - Silver Award, Honorable Mention
Emaly Garrett - Silver Award
Ava Martin - Silver Award

Carter Strabinger - Gold Award
Sydney Weichler - Silver Award
Ava Martin - 2 Honorable mentions
Wren Miller - Honorable mention

Computer Art
Maya Bowman - Silver Award, Honorable Mention

Graphic Design
Jordan Knisely - Silver Award, Honorable Mention

Art Scholarships

L-S students are also the recipients of two of the Red Raven Scholarship Awards!
  • Wren Miller has been awarded the 2020 Carlson Art Scholarship and will be showing as the emerging artist at Red Raven Art Gallery during the month of July.
  • Jasmine Thompson has been awarded the 2020 Mitch Lyons Clay Scholarship and will be showing as the emerging artist at Red Raven Art Gallery during the month of August.
These scholarships have been endowed by The Red Raven Art Company and both include an award reception held at the Red Raven Art Gallery along with an exhibition this summer. For more information and photos of their work, visit

The Artists

2021 Art Awards Artists web

Award-winning L-S artists: (top row, l-r) Mariah Beiler, Maya Bowman, Sofia Bua, Lance Callithen, Lana Dyer, Emaly Garrett, Tonna Harnish, and BaiLee Herr (middle row, l-r) Jordan Knisely, Josie Lau, Ava Martin, Wren Miller, Samantha Monroy, and Taya Puffenberger (bottom row, l-r) Carter Stabinger, Taylor Straley, Jasmine Thompson, Alexis Turner, Sydney Weichler, Madelyn Whispell, and Alyssa Zaepfel not pictured: Abigail Crump

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