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Barrall Wins 2019 Martin Meylin Spelling Bee

MM Spelling Bee 201

Martin Meylin's top five spellers, in order of place from left: Bethany Barrall, Ricky Gibson, Leo Faust, Grace Burdge, and Preston Schonour.

As the polar vortex descended outside, 27 middle schoolers squared off in the Martin Meylin cafeteria for the school’s annual spelling bee. Eighth grader Bethany Barrall won after an extended head-to-head with classmate Ricky Gibson.

The school’s English Language Arts (ELA) department hosted the spelling bee and Dr. Peart served as pronouncer. Contestants earned their spots by winning or placing in classroom bees.
Seventeen spellers remained after the first round of play, then eight after the second round and six after the third.

The six evenly-matched finalists made it a long time without misspelling any words, forcing teachers to skip ahead to a more challenging list. Eighth grader Zach Mulron and sixth grader Preston Schonour both were eliminated in round seven. Preston won the tiebreaker to become the alternate after correctly spelling symbiosis.

Grace Burdge and Leo Faust battled for three rounds to determine third and fourth place. Their words included rapport, basmati, minaret, and soliloquy. Leo correctly spelled femininity to take third place.

The final two, eighth graders Bethany Barrall and Ricky Gibson, went back and forth for a marathon 14 rounds, spelling words like bobadil, prosciutto, and paparazzo along the way. Bethany finally claimed victory by correctly spelling sapphire and agitated. This was Bethany’s first middle school Spelling Bee and Ricky’s third. He also came in second place in 2018.

Bethany, Ricky, Leo, Grace, and Preston are each eligible to take the written qualifying test for the county bee. Those who pass the test will have the opportunity to compete in the 61st LNP Bee on March 22 at Gerald M. Huesken Middle School.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Martin Meylin Spelling Bee participants!

  • Bethany Barrall
  • Grace Burdge
  • Rocco Coates
  • Jeremiah Cornelius
  • Erika Dugan
  • Leo Faust
  • Alexandra Fernandez
  • Ricky Gibson
  • Gavin Haynes
  • Ryan Heiser
  • Victoria Heiserman
  • Bethany Helms
  • Kyleigh Herr
  • Noelle Hess
  • Cole Jenkins
  • Jeffrey Keller
  • Ava Lopez
  • Eve Miller
  • Zachary Mulron
  • Addison Rothfus
  • Preston Schonour
  • Julian Torres
  • Givenchy Warren
  • Charlotte Wenner
  • Caitlin Wennerholt
  • Catherine Wolgemuth
  • Carson Zook
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