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High School Heroes Program Builds Connections

2019 High School Heroes

The Class of 2019's High School Heroes

Seniors sit scattered around Mrs. Dodson’s third grade classroom, each surrounded by a handful of attentive students and talking about everything from favorite football teams to college plans. The visitors are among four dozen members of the Class of 2019 who make up this year’s crop of High School Heroes.

The Heroes program is a mentoring system that offers exceptional high school seniors to third graders as real-life role models. Heroes are nominated by teachers as juniors, with selection based on selected based on student leadership
skills, academic success, school and community involvement, attendance, and discipline records. Those who are invited to join participate in a series of lessons based on positive decision making and drug and alcohol-free lifestyles before each visit to Hans Herr Elementary School.

The Heroes make four one-hour visits to third graders throughout the course of the school year, dropping by a different classroom each time. Each group of will have visited four classes by the end of the school year, making friends and lasting impressions along the way.

Heroes has been going strong at L-S for more than two decades. It was originally brought to the district by Dr. Bray, who saw it as a chance to bring elementary and secondary students together in a positive way.

“It’s a win win for everyone,” he said. “You have high school students being recognized for their good choices, elementary students looking up to them, and a partnership forming between the faculty at both schools.”

High School Heroes is currently coordinated by Mrs. Dodson at the elementary level and by Mrs. Rettew and Mr. Sloss at L-S High School. Mrs. Dodson says she and other third grade teachers enjoy catching up with the Heroes and seeing how they have grown.

“Teachers often request visits from students they had in third grade,” she said.

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2019 High School Heroes

  • Betsy Brenneman
  • Chase Broderick
  • Caleb Bruner
  • Morgan Bucher
  • Sarah Capoferri
  • Pierson Castor
  • Amelia Cope
  • Cam D’Imperio
  • Sarah Deardorff
  • Marissa Denlinger
  • Abigail Drummond
  • Joey Duignan
  • Jack Eckman
  • Luca Ferretti
  • John Franklin
  • Jacob Garcia
  • Aiden Geiger
  • Emma Gochnauer
  • Sophia Grillo
  • Ryan Guyer
  • Kristen Herr
  • Patrick Holmes
  • Maya Horst
  • Kelsey Kimmel
  • Payton King
  • Zack Kingsley
  • Kym Kouterick
  • Esther Landis
  • Jake Long
  • Kristen Mast
  • Jansen Miller
  • Katlyn Miller
  • Matt Monroy
  • Skye Reinacher
  • Doug Schneider
  • Thomas Sellers
  • Thomas Shockey
  • Kathryn Sigafoos
  • Jack Smith
  • Katelyn Smith
  • Alyssa Stilwell
  • Elli Strauss
  • Shawn Thomas
  • Kyle Velez
  • Sal Viscusi
  • Kaknika Viset
  • Braeden Weaver
  • Leah Welk
  • Ansley Yost
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