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High School Heroes Inspire, Mentor Third Graders

2020 HS Heroes Group Pic

The 2019-2020 High School Heroes

Fifty seniors visited Hans Herr third graders in October and January as this year’s league of High School Heroes. They handed out trading cards and brought show-and-tell-style favorite items to share with their new friends from the Class of 2028. Each Hero sat down with several small groups of third graders to discuss their high school lives, including future plans, hobbies, and personal best practices.

Teachers nominate High School Heroes at the end of junior year, and rising seniors receive invitations over the summer. Heroes train to be mentors by participating in a series of lessons based on positive decision making and drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles. High School Heroes have varied interests and extracurricular activities - sports, music, agriculture, academics, etc. - so that every elementary school child can feel connected and inspired.

While the pandemic forced the closure of school buildings and canceled the March and April visits, the memories will remain. Congratulations High School Heroes - we are proud of you!

2020 High School Heroes

  • Alex Baker
  • Seth Beers
  • Andrew Bliss
  • Will Bray
  • Lauren Breneman
  • Luke Brodersen
  • Isabel Brown
  • Logan Burig
  • Lexi Campbell
  • Sophia Campbell
  • Namyah Crespo
  • Allyson Deihl
  • Corinna Dienner
  • Gabby Drumm
  • Jose Estevez
  • Christian Garver
  • Colleen Gilbert
  • Micah Gordley
  • Maddie Helm
  • Jess Herr
  • Kyra Hersh
  • Calvin Hill
  • Lillian Hoke
  • Nora Holmes
  • Emma Houck
  • Grant Kerchner
  • Taso Kovack
  • Darin Landis
  • Joel Lapp
  • Anne Leaman
  • Kenzie Lefever
  • Allyson Lindsley
  • Jordan Marcroft
  • Oliver Marvin
  • Emma Medlock
  • Anthony Milazzo
  • Lily Nauman
  • Jillian Pontz
  • Abbie Powell
  • Danae Ranck
  • Arielis Rivera
  • Aaron Rockensock
  • Fabiola Rodriguez
  • Nate Royer
  • Gabe Sanderson
  • Hannah Schultheis
  • Caleb Smoker
  • Donovan Thomann
  • Lexi Wagner
  • Andrew Wittemann
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