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Student Artists Win Scholastic, LCYA Awards

Art Award Winners 2020 web

Portrait of the Artists: Row 1 (from left): Taya Puffenberger, Micah Gordley, Wren Miller, Hannah Shaub, Alexandra Rodriguez Row 2 - Ellie Knowles, Sarah Doutrich, Lindsey Steele, Ava Martin, Madeline Helm, Malaina Bauzon, Jasmine Thompson Row 3 - Lana Dyer, Abby Goss, Camryn Byler, Bailey Jackson, Josie Lau, Jordan Knisely, Oliver Marvin Not Pictured: Ellen Koebley, Summer Peters, Kove Leonard, Lillian Hoke, Isabelle Brown

The Lampeter-Strasburg High School art department is excited to announce this year’s Scholastic and Lancaster County Young Artist award winners. Their work will be on display this spring in juried art exhibitions showcasing the most talented art students in Lancaster County.

Scholastic Awards

The Scholastic Art Exhibition will run from March 6 - April 19 at the Demuth Museum, 120 E. King St., Lancaster. This is a national competition and gold key winners will be considered for additional awards.

Gold Key Art 202

Scholastic Gold Key-winning artwork (clockwise from left): Ellie Knowles - Wood Fired Pot #2, Taya Puffenberger - Orion's Belt, Oliver Marvin - Candle Holder, Oliver Marvin - Nesting Bird Bracelet, and Malaina Bauzon - Tropical Leaf Reliquary

Gold Key

  • Ellie Knowles, Wood-Fired Pot #2
  • Malania Bauzon, Tropical Leaf Reliquary
  • Oliver Marvin, Nesting Bird Bracelet
  • Oliver Marvin, Candle Holder
  • Taya Puffenberger, Orion’s Belt

Silver Key Winners 2020 web

Scholastic Silver Key Artwork (clockwise from left) Micah Gordley - Childhood (portfolio), Malaina Bauzon - Dragonfly Wings, Wren Miller - Untitled, and Josie Lau - Homage to Lisa Crowder

Silver Key

  • Malania Bauzon, Dragonfly Wings
  • Josie Lau, Homage to Lisa Crowder
  • Micah Gordley, Childhood (portfolio)
  • Micah Gordley, Untitled
  • Wren Miller, Untitled

Honorable Mention

  • Ellie Knowles, Wood Fired Tea Bowls
  • Ellen Koebley, Wood Fired Coil Pot One
  • Summer Peters, Tiers of Tears
  • Kove Leonard, Paracord and Fine Silver Etruscan Chain
  • Lana Dyer, “Train”ed Perspective
  • Madeline Helm, Faces (portfolio)
  • Madeline Helm, Untitled
  • Jordan Knisely, Chime
  • Hannah Shaub, Stand By
  • Jasmine Thompson, Flowers

Lancaster County Young Artist

The Lancaster County Young Artist exhibition will run from March 6 - April 19 at the Lancaster Museum of Art, 135 N. Lime St., Lancaster.

LCYA Awards 2020 web

LCYA award-winners include (clockwise from left) Jasmine Thompson - Tree, Sarah Doutrich - Textured Bottles, Abby Goss - Hen, Lillian Hoke - Floral Teapot, and Josie Lau - Eye on Egypt

Gold Award

  • Abby Goss, The Hen
  • Malania Bauzon, Tropical Leaf Reliquary
  • Kove Leonard, Paracord and Fine Silver Etruscan Chain

Silver Award

  • Malania Bauzon, Dragonfly Wings
  • Josie Lau, Eye on Egypt
  • Jasmine Thompson, Tree
  • Ellie Knowles, Wood Fired Pot #1
  • Sarah Doutrich, Textured Bottles
  • Ellen Koebley, Pit Fired Coil Pot

Honorable Mention

  • Lillian Hoke, Floral Teapot
  • Alexandra Rodriguez, Salud
  • Summer Peters, Tea Bowls
  • Camryn Byler, Abstract Cuff-Heart of Rivets
  • Bailey Jackson, Selfie Frame
  • Lindsey Steele, Tennis by Moonlight Selfie Frame
  • Ava Martin, Schrodinger’s Cat
  • Isabelle Brown, Man Eater

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