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Seventh Graders Launch Bath Bomb Business

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Trinkets for Treatment founders Leah Knarr, Laura Leaman, Grace Burdge, and Krista Lambert

Entrepreneurs take note - a group of students are running a booming bath bomb business and giving back to their community from the halls of Martin Meylin Middle School. Seventh graders Grace Burdge, Leah Knarr, Krista Lambert, and Laura Leaman are the founders of Trinkets for Treatment, a nonprofit organization that raises money to aid young people fighting childhood cancer, and they are on a roll.

The four friends thought up Trinkets for Treatment as their Challenge project in sixth grade under the guidance of Mrs. Tracey Harber, their gifted support teacher and have continued it in seventh grade. The decision to make the business a nonprofit benefiting children with cancer was inspired by a boy in their grade who has been fighting a brain tumor.

Popular, fun, and seemingly easy-to-make (but not really), bath bombs were a natural choice for a middle school business. The girls spent months researching and finessing the bath bomb making process, learning through extensive trial and error how to create a successful product. More care went into the product’s marketing by integrating essential oils and surprise bursts of color that are revealed upon activation. The colors correspond to positive personality traits like intelligence (blue) and caring (red) that can be chosen by purchasers or gift-givers.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Harber, the Trinkets for Treatment team devised a formula to successfully manage the business. Each brings her skills to the table and all continue to collaborate and learn from one another. The bath bombs were publicized through posters in the middle school advertising lunch sales and a website, complete with a shopping cart.

The girls aren’t in the same class this year but use their free time - study periods, evenings, and weekends - to make bath bombs and friendship bracelets, which are also available to purchase on the website. By the end of 2017, they had fulfilled approximately 75 bath bombs orders and were processing orders for dozens more. Sales and donations from outside of the area also have been rolling in thanks to a viral social media post.3

The Trinkets for Treatment team was proud to present their schoolmate’s family with a check for $340 (after paying off their investors) before the holiday break. They are currently working after school two days a week to make a stockpile of bath bombs in time for the high school’s Mini-THON on February 9th. If the actions of this talented and motivated team of businesswomen are any indication, that’s just the beginning of a very successful endeavor.

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