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Students Win Awards in LNP Newspapers in Education Contest

Nine L-S students are winners in this year’s Newspapers in Education (NIE) Week contest from LNP. The students received awards across a variety of journalism and art-related categories. Their work can be seen in a special NIE insert in the March 7 issue of LNP.

  • Samuel Samberg (Grade 1, Mrs. Snyder) - second place in Journalism/Illustrating Headlines
  • Norah Steffy (Grade 2, Mrs. Smith) - third place in Journalism/Writer's Choice
  • Emma Avigdor (Grade 3, Mr. Stutzman) - first place in Journalism/Writer's Choice
  • Jovina Arulandu (Grade 4, Mrs. Moore) - third place in Journalism/Writer's Choice
  • Gianna Fasano (Grade 5, Miss Strawser) - first place in Design an Ad
  • Ben Moyer (Grade 5, Mr. Balak) - first place in Journalism/Writer's Choice
  • Andrew Buscay (Grade 8, Mrs. Williard) - second place in Journalism/News Feature
  • Todd Shelley (Grade 12, Mrs. Rettew) - first place in Journalism/Editorial
  • Rachel Marcroft (Grade 12, Mrs. Fetterolf) - honorable mention in Journalism/Editorial

The winning students were presented with certificates of recognition at the March 5 meeting of the Lampeter-Strasburg Board of School Directors.

NIE LE 201

Mr. Dustin Knarr, Lampeter-Strasburg Board of School Directors member, with Lampeter Elementary School students Norah Steffy and Samuel Samberg

NIE 2018 HH

Mr. Dustin Knarr, Jovina Arulandu, Ben Moyer, Emma Avigdor, Gianna Fasano, and Dr. Jeffrey Smecker, Principal of Hans Herr Elementary School

NIE 2018 MM.

Andrew Buscay and Mr. Jamie Raum, Principal of Martin Meylin Middle School

NIE 2018 HS

Mr. Dustin Knarr, Todd Shelley, Rachel Marcroft, and Dr. Benjamin Feeney, Principal of Lampeter-Strasburg High School

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