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Grandizio Takes Top Honor in 2018 Martin Meylin Spelling Bee

2018 MM Spelling Bee web

2018's Top Spellers - Ava Grandizio, Ricky Gibson, Jack Harnish, Jeimy Elvira-Paredes, and Ian Donaldson

Raillery. Incongruous. Connubial. Unpropitious. Putrefaction. Gauss.

These were the words spelled by eighth grader Ava Grandizio and seventh grader Ricky Gibson in the championship round of the 2018 Martin Meylin Spelling Bee. Ava correctly spelled the word gauss (a unit of measurement for magnetic induction) and followed up with the word caravel (a 15th century Portuguese sailing ship) to win the competition.

Twenty six students participated in this year’s bee. The spellers were eliminated quickly, with only 11 remaining after the first round and six after the second round. Seventh grader Ian Donaldson won the fifth place alternate spot after an extended spell-off with classmate Laura Leaman. Eighth grader Jack Harnish and sixth grader Jeimy Elvira-Paredes battled it out for third and fourth place, respectively.

Ava, Ricky, Jack, and Jeimy are now semifinalists in the 61st annual LNP Spelling Bee. They will each take a 100-word written spelling test to determine who qualifies for the March 16 LNP Bee at Conestoga Valley Middle School. The winner of that competition will be entered in the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. from May 27 - June 1.

2018 Spelling Bee Participants

  • Owen Ames
  • Julia Barge
  • Sarah Blount
  • Maya Bowman
  • Sidney Brinkman
  • Landon Coronado
  • Tom Creighton
  • Ian Donaldson
  • Emerald Dorsey
  • Jeimy Elvira-Paredes
  • Ricky Gibson
  • Ava Grandizio
  • Jack Harnish
  • Gavin Hiles
  • Bobbie Kemoi
  • Nora Kerchner
  • Laura Leaman
  • Ava Lopez
  • Laura Livengood
  • Elijah Myers
  • Kyle Pope
  • Jackson Price
  • Angelique Rivera
  • Catherine Torres
  • Givenchy Warren
  • Abby Wolff
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