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2018 Burrowes Scholars

Burrowes 2018 web

The 2018 Burrowes Scholars

Each year, Lampeter-Strasburg educators choose from among the best and brightest students in each subject area to select Burrowes Scholars. Recipients of this long-standing District award are chosen from the fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades. This year's group includes two gold winners, eight silver winners, and two students receiving awards in two subject areas.

The Burrowes Scholars program is named for Dr. Thomas Henry Burrowes, a Strasburg native and esteemed education advocate who played a large part in passing the laws on which the nation's public school system is based. Dr. Burrowes also served as the president of Pennsylvania State University. The students selected as Burrowes Scholars each year exemplify traits befitting of Dr. Burrowes. They are self-motivated, diligent individuals who challenge themselves to excel and to be leaders both inside and outside the classroom.

We are proud to present these students as the 2018 Burrowes Scholars!

Fifth Grade Burrowes Scholars

HH Burrowes web

Row 1: Noelle Hess, Madelyn Lowe, Calandra Reynolds, Drea Rice, Annaliese Sauve, Kaitlin Churchill, Emma Dice, Alaina Brenneman, Chloe Bucher Row 2: Truman Horst, Daniel Mullin, Preston Schonour, Emory Fluhr, Chase Smucker, Cayden See, Liam Grubb

  • Alaina Brenneman - English Language Arts
  • Chloe Bucher - Physical Education
  • Kaitlin Churchill - English Language Arts
  • Emma Dice - English Language Arts
  • Emory Fluhr - Mathematics
  • Liam Grubb - Mathematics
  • Noelle Hess - English Language Arts
  • Truman Horst - Mathematics
  • Madelyn Lowe - Orchestra
  • Daniel Mullin - English Language Arts
  • Calandra Reynolds - Art
  • Drea Rice - Band
  • Annaliese Sauve - English Language Arts and Vocal Music
  • Preston Schonour - Mathematics
  • Cayden See - Physical Education
  • Chase Smucker - Mathematics

Eighth Grade Burrowes Scholars

MM Burrowes 2018 web

Row 1: Cassie Meck, Hannah Gawne, Leah Denlinger, Sidney Brinkman, Elizabeth Stahovich Row 2: Adrian Elia, Santino Azzarelli, Owen Risser, Andrew Reidenbaugh, Maggie Visniski, Ella Horst

  • Santino Azzarelli - Social Studies and German
  • Sidney Brinkman - English Language Arts
  • Cassie Meck - Music
  • Leah Denlinger - Physical Education
  • Adrian Elia - Art
  • Hannah Gawne - Family Consumer Science
  • Ella Horst - Spanish
  • Andrew Reidenbaugh - Physical Education
  • Owen Risser - Technology Education
  • Elizabeth Stahovich - Science
  • Maggie Visniski - Mathematics

11th Grade Burrowes Scholars

HS Burrowes web

Row 1: Chase Broderick, Elli Strauss, Ivy McComsey, Hannah Andersen, Jacob Garcia, Logan Heister Row 2: Thomas Sellers, Jansen Miller, Maya Horst, Alyssa Long, Kathryn Sigafoos, Jordan Martin Row 3: Katelyn Graybeal, Skye Reinacher, Luca Ferretti, Logan Emmert, Joseph Underwood

  • Hannah Andersen** - Social Studies
  • Chase Broderick - Business Education
  • Logan Emmert* - Vocal Music
  • Luca Ferretti* - Instrumental Music
  • Jacob Garcia - Mandarin Chinese
  • Katelyn Graybeal - Spanish
  • Logan Heister - Physical Education
  • Maya Horst* - Physical Education
  • Alyssa Long - Family Consumer Science
  • Jordan Martin - Agriculture
  • Ivy McComsey - Orchestra
  • Jansen Miller** - Mathematics
  • Skye Reinacher - German
  • Thomas Sellers - Science
  • Kathryn Sigafoos - English
  • Elli Strauss* - Art
  • Joseph Underwood - Technology Education

* Silver Award Winner (second time Burrowes Scholar)
** Gold Award Winner (third time Burrowes Scholar)

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