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LSHS Artists Win Scholastic and Lancaster Young Artist Awards

Triptic Ferrari 201

Work from Gold Key winner Shannon Ferrari's portfolio.

Congratulations to the many talented student artists recognized in this year's Scholastic Art Awards and Lancaster Young Artist Awards.

Scholastic Art Winners

Gold Key Winners

Artwork by Gold Key recipients in the Scholastic Awards advances to the
National Scholastic Art Awards competition

  • Shannon Ferrari - Art Portfolio
  • Olivia Honert - Printmaking
  • Samantha Williams - Art Portfolio
  • Rachel Fish - Art Portfolio
  • Olivia Honert - Painting
  • Carissa Myers - Ceramics
  • Hayden Goldberg - Art Portfolio
  • Madison Stabinger - Painting

Silver Key Winners

  • Malania Bauzon - Jewelry
  • Rachel Fish - Photography
  • Shannon Ferrari - Sculpture
  • Josie Lau - Jewelry
  • Madison Stabinger - Art Portfolio
  • Shannon Ferrari - Printmaking
  • Samantha Williams - Fashion
  • Carissa Myers - Ceramics

Honorable Mention

  • Malania Bauzon - Jewelry
  • Elizabeth Crumpler - Ceramics
  • Olivia Honert - Drawing/Illustration
  • Ellie Knowles - Ceramics
  • Madison Stabinger - Painting
  • Samantha Williams - Ceramics

American Visions Nominees

Nominees are selected from each local program for the American Visions and Voices Medal. Five works, from across all categories and grades, are selected from those earning Gold Keys as the “Best-of-Show on the National Level. These two students won awards at the local level and will compete for one of the five coveted National AV Awards.

  • Olivia Honert - Printmaking and Painting
  • Carissa Myers - Ceramics

Lancaster Young Artist (LCYA) Award Winners

Gold Medal

  • Rebecca Patches - Jewelry
  • Claire Warner - Jewelry
  • Shannon Ferrari - Printmaking

Silver Medal

  • Elena Elia - Jewelry
  • Anastasia Curran - Ceramics
  • Claire Warner - Jewelry
  • Shannon Ferrari - Ceramics
  • Carissa Myers - Ceramics
  • Elli Ann Strauss - Drawing
  • Shannon Ferrari - Sculpture

Honorable Mention

  • Malania Bauzon - Jewelry (2)
  • Rachel Fish - Digital Photography
  • Maureen Nagle - Ceramics
  • Elena Elia - Jewelry
  • Anastasia Curran - Ceramics
  • Danielle Newswanger - Sculpture
  • Olivia Honert - Jewelry
  • Payton King - Ceramics

Special Scholarship Awards

  • Olivia Honert - 2017-2018 Red Raven Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Madison Stabinger - Carlson Award Scholarship ($12,500)

Both artists will have shows in galleries this summer.

The Scholastic Art Awards will take place in downtown Lancaster. The opening evening of the exhibition/award pick up for LCYA show and the Scholastic Show is at the Lancaster Museum of Art on March 2, 2018, from 5-8 p.m. (First Friday!) The show runs through April 15, 2018. Check with each museum for hours. The LCYA show is exhibited in the Lancaster Museum of Art and the Scholastic Art Show is held at the Demuth Museum. Both shows are juried shows, meaning that there is a panel of judges who use specific criteria to accept pieces into the show. This exhibit showcases the most talented art students in the county!

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