Learning Revolves Around Fun in STEM Satellite Activity

STEM Satellites Baker

A group presents their satellite to the class.

Mrs. Baker’s third grade class participated in an ‘out of this world’ exercise recently by constructing their very own satellites. Groups of students worked together to create replicas of their hand-drawn designs. In the end, each group had a chance to proudly present its satellite to the class. All of the creations will be saved and displayed in the classroom.

The building session was the culmination of several days’ worth of lessons about the tools of space - a part of the third grade science curriculum. The unit began with videos and instruction to explain how satellites work and are powered, and how satellite technology impacts people’s lives. Students used this knowledge to create their own drawings of satellites, including the necessary computer, power, communications, structural, navigation, and instrument systems. The class then divided into groups that collaborated to choose the best design, calculate the number of solar panels needed to power their satellite, and compile material lists before the final build.

The project is part of the district’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) initiative. This activity was developed by Mrs. Baker and fellow third grade teacher Mrs. Grenier. Teachers at all grade levels are incorporating STEM ideas into lesson plans to increase interest in these important areas among students.

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