Phys-Ed Department Puts Students Through Paces With PACER Test


The BEAR team E section completes the Pacer challenge.

Say the word PACER to an L-S student and you’re sure to get an animated response. Some love it, some hate it, and everybody has a story.

The PACER is a fitness test designed to measure cardiorespiratory endurance. It has replaced the one mile run as a component FitnessGram, the national physical fitness testing program for schools. Other FitnessGram activities include push-ups, sit-ups, sit-n-reach, and the shoulder stretch. FitnessGram is the official assessment of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Martin Meylin physical education teacher Mr. Bradley Heeter says he believes FitnessGram to be a more effective means of assessing fitness level than previously used programs.

The PACER consists of a series of 20-meter laps set to a soundtrack of timed intervals. Students begin running and try to pace themselves to finish each lap before the beep. A triple beep sounds every few laps as a warning as a warning to pick up the pace. Students are “out” and have their scores recorded after missing the beep twice. Proficiency is based on gender, age, and number of laps. The minimum number of laps for a ten year old girls and boys is 23 while the minimum for ages 17+ is 38 for girls and 54 for boys.

The L-S record stands at an impressive 140 laps.

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