DiPace Wins Second Martin Meylin Spelling Bee

2017 Spelling Bee Winners

Stupendous spellers: Danielle DiPace, Wesley Leaman, Hannah Wismer, Kelliann Drummond, and Zachary Mulron

Danielle DiPace outspelled her classmates for the second year in a row to take the crown at the Martin Meylin Spelling Bee. Danielle correctly spelled cavernous to win the final round. Runners-up were fellow eighth graders Wesley Leaman, Hannah Wismer, and Kelliann Drummond. Sixth grader Zachary Mulron placed fifth and is the school’s alternate.

Thirty students qualified for the bee through class competitions. Martin Meylin’s English/Language Arts teachers organized the event and served as judges while Dr. Peart reprised his role as the bee's pronouncer. Difficult words like thaumaturge and burglarious worked to quickly narrow the field to just 10 spellers by the end of the second round. Only the top five remained at the end of the third round. After Danielle’s win, Wesley and Hannah duked it out for second and third place.

The top four spellers will take a 100-word written spelling test to qualify for the 59th annual LNP Spelling Bee on March 10, 2017. The winner of that bee will advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May.

2017 Martin Meylin Spelling Bee Participants

  • Santino Azzarelli
  • Madison Baker
  • Dominic Brazzle
  • Nicholas Del Grande
  • Danielle Dipace (first place)
  • Kelliann Drummond (fourth place)
  • Terra Dunham
  • Emma Eckman
  • Logan Erb
  • Leo Faust
  • Richard Gibson
  • Aubriegh Good
  • Jack Harnish
  • Caydn Hartman
  • Kyler Heiney
  • Kiersten Hostetter
  • Ashton Knarr
  • Wesley Leaman (second place)
  • Brendan Miller
  • Zachary Mulron (fifth place)
  • Gabriel Parmer
  • Jessica Salgado
  • Grace Schonour
  • Tyler Schroeder
  • Caitlin Stipe
  • Quinn Swearingen
  • Catherine Torres
  • Anne Visniski
  • Jackson Weaver
  • Hannah Wismer (third place)


  • Alvan Arulandu*
  • Erika Dugan
  • Nicholas Immel
  • Rowan Kimmel
  • Ava Grandizio
  • Margaret Johnson
  • Jordan Potoka
  • Benjamin Van Deusen*
  • Alexander Blank
  • Kamille Dombrowski*
  • Neil Eckman
  • Jenna Lapp

*participated in competition

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