High School Teacher of the Month: Mr. Bronston Sterner

Sterner in Classroom

Teacher of the Month Bronston Sterner in his classroom

Science teacher Mr. Bronston Sterner was the first recipient of the High School's new Teacher of the Month award in January. He received nominations from both colleagues and students. Here are some facts about our award-winning teacher:

Family Life:

I’ve been married to my wife Tara, an RN, going on 19 years. We have three daughters named Caperton, Caylynne, and Cammble ages 16, 14, and 11. Tara’s sister and her daughter also live with us so I’m surrounded by women. We live in the Central York School District, so I have about a 35-40 minute commute to work each day depending upon the traffic of route 30.

Why Teaching?

I was going to be a doctor, but I had a hard time when it was time to dissect a cadaver. The donor had died of cancer and I’d recently lost my great-grandmother. I was taking a science course at the time and the professor asked me to help out in the lab. That’s when I discovered I like teaching and helping students. Things happen for a reason.

I started at L-S in 1995 as a long term substitute biology teacher. The teacher I was substituting for decided to not come back, so I was hired full time. Mrs. Wade (Spanish teacher) and I are the only two left from our group that are still here after 22 years at the high school.

Classes at L-S:

Currently I teach Accelerated Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. This year I also taught Environmental Science first semester. Biology can be a real challenge for some students because it includes unique terminology and for some topics you can’t physically see what we cover in class. That’s hard for some people to understand conceptually. I enjoy teaching the life sciences because things are always changing, and that’s keeps it really interesting.

The Best Part of Teaching:

I like seeing the students ‘get it,’ both content-wise and in the way that they study and learn. Students need to be pushed. Very few people will choose to do extra work, but as a teacher, you learn how to push your students to their potential without going too far. They can do it and if you don’t push, they won’t be as ready for college or life after school. We’ve had a lot of students go on to be very successful.

What Makes L-S Special:

The students are wonderful. I had an opportunity several years ago to transfer to a district much closer to home. In the end, the students kept me here.

Advice for Students:

Students have to be willing to work hard and not be afraid of failing while keeping an open mind. You may not understand why something is important right now, but it will make sense down the road. Also, we have so many great opportunities at the High School, like college classes that can give them a taste of what post-secondary education is like. Our students should take advantage of whatever resources they can to reach their goals.

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