2017 Scholastic Art Award and LCYA Winners

2017 Scholastic

Gold Key winning artwork from Shannon Ferrari, Camryn Heister, and Olivia Martin

Congratulations to Lampeter-Strasburg High School’s 2017 Scholastic Art Awards and Lancaster Young Artist Award winners:


Gold Key Winners

  • Makenna Glessner - Sculpture
  • Olivia Martin - Ceramics
  • Camryn Heister - Metal Sculpture
  • Shannon Ferrari - Mixed Media

Silver Key Winners

  • Sarah Baxter - Jewelry
  • Autumn Peters - Ceramics
  • Makenna Glessner - Painting

Honorable Mention

  • Mercedes Geiger - Painting
  • Nikita Glass - Painting
  • Makenna Glessner - Printmaking
  • Olivia Honert - Printmaking
  • Makenna Glessner - Sculpture
  • Natalie Ludwig - Ceramics
  • Autumn Peters - Ceramics
  • Sarah Johnson - Jewelry
  • Ericka Neff - Jewelry

American Visions Nominees

  • Camryn Heister - Metal Sculpture
  • Shannon Ferrari - Mixed Media


Gold Medal

  • Nicholas Maier - Ceramics
  • Olivia Martin - Ceramics
  • Autumn Peters - Ceramics
  • Camryn Heister - Jewelry/Metals
  • Nevin Hoenninger - Jewelry/Metals
  • Julia Matalon - Jewelry/Metals

Silver Medal

  • Emily Frey - Jewelry/Metals
  • Autumn Peters - Ceramics (2)
  • Emma Witmer - Ceramics
  • Autumn Peters - Sculpture
  • Jordanne Brodersen - Mixed Media
  • Nikita Glass - Painting
  • Isabella Mazaheri - Sculpture

Honorable Mention

  • Sarah E. Baxter - Jewelry/Metals
  • Emily Frey - Jewelry/Metals (2)
  • Christine Fritz - Jewelry/Metals
  • Cassandra Hatfield - Jewelry/Metals
  • Sarah Johnson - Jewelry/Metals
  • Jordan Chin -Animation
  • Rachel Fish - Photography
  • Makenna Glessner - Painting
  • Autumn Peters -Sculpture
  • Hayden Goldberg - Painting
  • Emma Witmer - Ceramics
  • Olivia Honert - Drawing

About the Awards

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized creative the work of creative middle and high school students. The program serves as the largest source of scholarships for creative young artists and writers. Past winners include Andy Warhol, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Robert Redford.

Gold Key artwork advances to the National Scholastic Art Awards competition in New York this spring. American Visions award winners are considered “Best in Show” among all submissions. Each regional program in the country selects five outstanding works of art among Gold Key recipients. The five young artists will represent the region on a national level as American Visions nominees. A national panel will select one of these nominated works from each region as an American Visions winner.

This year’s Lancaster County Scholastic Art Award winners’ work will be displayed at the Demuth Museum. The LCYA exhibition will be held at the Lancaster Museum of Art. The exhibits both run from March 4 - April 9, 2017. Opening receptions are scheduled for Friday, March 3, 2017, from 5-8pm.

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