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Students Participate in IU & L-S Holiday Student Bazaars

Students in select classes at Hans Herr, Martin Meylin, and the High School have been busy crafting original holiday creations for this Thursday’s IU13 Holiday Student Bazaar. Participation in the annual holiday market is an opportunity for students to apply skills learned in the classroom in a real-world context. Groups from schools throughout Lancaster and Lebanon counties will be there running mini-businesses, showcasing handmade products, dealing with customers, and demonstrating sales and math skills.

IU13 Holiday Student Bazaar - November 30

Members of the public are invited to shop* the IU13 Holiday Student Bazaar this Thursday, November 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Conference & training Center at IU13.

*cash only

Hans Herr Elementary

Hans Herr 2017 Bazaar Hans Herr Elementary

Crayon art is back by popular demand! Students select colors and designs, prepare canvases, melt crayons, and add flourishes to create colorful artwork.

Middle & High School

Votives Bazaar 2017 Middle & High School

Tis the season to stock up on holiday gifts like these personalized hot chocolate kits and hand-painted votive holders.

Martin Meylin Middle School

Soaps Rugs Bazaar 2017 Martin Meylin Middle School

Cozy is the word that best-describes the middle school's array of scented soaps, lip balms, and soft throw rugs made from recycled t-shirts.

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