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School Nurses Launch CareDox


Our school nurses are now using CareDox, a web-based tool that can be used to communicate with parents/guardians and coordinate student care. The new system allows parents to provide detailed and confidential (HIPAA and FERPA compliant) information about students' conditions and medications as well as a record of nurse visits. CareDox enables parents to edit their children’s health history in real-time, giving our staff the best possible foundation for treating students.

“CareDox opens up an important line of communication between parents and the school nurse,” explains Mrs. Teddi Book, the District’s K-12 healthcare coordinator and High School nurse. “We need regularly updated information in order to provide the best care for students. This system facilitates simple and consistent communication between our nurses and families.”

CaredDox runs hand-in-hand with PowerSchool, which has been in place at L-S for several years. An initial email will be sent Monday, 8/29, from CareDox to all registered parents. The email will contain a sign-up link. Parents can access CareDox by logging in through the Powerschool parent portal at or through the Powerschool mobile app.

Any questions about CareDox should be directed to the certified school nurse in your child’s school building. Nurses can be reached by calling the District at 717 464-3311.
• Lampeter-Strasburg High School – Mrs. Teddi Book
• Martin Meylin Middle School – Ms. Sarah Stuart
• Hans Herr Elementary School – Mrs. Mary Vestermark
• Lampeter Elementary School – Mrs. Donna Bitler

Note: We strongly recommend that all families create a PowerSchool parent account. In addition to being the only way to reach CareDox, PowerSchool contains a host of other information, including grades, schedules, bus information, attendance, screening history, and much more. Please contact your child’s school office to obtain your unique PowerSchool parent password.

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