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School Board Reorganizes

Board 2017 web

Board of School Directors:
Row 1: Jeffrey Mills, Audra Spahn, Melissa Herr (president), Patricia Pontz (vice president), McKenna Kimmel (senior rep)
Row 2: Terry Sweigart (treasurer), Jeanne Hoffard (secretary), Scott Arnst, Scott Kimmel, Doreen Packer,
David Beiler, Dylan Grau (junior rep), James Byrnes.

The Lampeter-Strasburg Board of School Directors underwent its annual reorganization on Monday, December 5, naming new leadership for 2017. Mrs. Melissa Herr, who was previously vice president, was unanimously selected as president for the new year. Mrs. Patricia Pontz was unanimously selected as the new vice president. Mrs. Herr replaces Mr. Jeffrey Mills, who was Board president from 2014-2016. Mr. Mills will serve the remainder of his term as a Board member.

Mrs. Herr has been a member of the Board for 10 years. She is the Director of Children's Ministries at Lancaster Alliance Church in addition to working part-time for Wolgemuth Auction and helping her husband run the family farm. Her three children all can be found at Lampeter-Strasburg High School. Two are students and the oldest is in her first year as a teacher in the agriculture department.

"I originally ran for the board in hopes to make a difference in our community," said Mrs. Herr. "My heart is for the kids that may not have the desire or skills to continue on for secondary education. I want to see that all of the students at L-S have the best opportunities to become successful, well rounded adults, knowing how to use every potential given to them. I am thankful to serve in a district that is strongly committed to our students and our community."

Mrs. Pontz has been a member of the Board for 8 years. She is a former L-S language arts teacher and is currently the Executive Director's Office Project Manager at Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13. Mrs. Pontz has a child at the High School as well as a 2016 graduate.

"I ran for the board because public education is very important to me and has been the focus of my 'working life' as an adult," said Mrs. Pontz. "I am very passionate about the importance of public education in our society in general and in our community more locally. I truly value and appreciate the great work done at Lampeter-Strasburg and am glad to be able to support its efforts."

The next meeting of the Board will be Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

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