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Remote Instruction

Frequently asked questions about internet connectivity, login procedures, web filtering, device care, and tech support are addressed on this page dedicated to the use of district-issues devices from home.

Need-Based Services

Families are encouraged to visit the L-S Need-Based Services page to learn more about community resources that may be available at this time.

Childcare Providers

PA Department of Human Services provides a statewide list of childcare providers for employees who work in life-sustaining positions.

Educational Resources

Resources are available for all grade levels, as compiled by L-S teachers, to provide educational content during the school closure. Families are also encouraged to visit Schoology and SeeSaw pages for information from classroom teachers.

Health & Wellness Resources

The L-S Health Department provides health and wellness resources to support mental & physical well-being.

Daily COVID Checklist

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Expectations for Planned Instruction During Spring 2020 Closure

Planned Instruction 202

Our goal is to provide students with planned instruction. Planned instruction is formal teaching and learning similar to that which occurs in a classroom setting. Within this process, teachers use planned courses of instruction of new concepts/skills aligned to grade level standards. Teachers assess the learning of their students and make adjustments to instruction based upon student progress. In order to receive a grade or credit, students must attend regularly and complete the course requirements.

General Expectations


  • Curriculum will be evaluated to determine essential standards that were taught and what
  • standards should be covered in preparation for the next grade level or course.
  • Lessons and/or activities should introduce new content based on essential standards for learning based on the grade level/course curriculum.
  • Lessons and/or activities will be assessed and/or graded.
  • Lessons and/or activities should be delivered through synchronous* and asynchronous** learning environments per building schedule
  • Independent practice activities to reinforce concepts may be assigned. Teachers will be expected to be aware of the recommended time outlined for each course when assigning independent practice activities.

*Synchronous learning: a learning event in which a group of students are engaged in learning at the same time through real time interaction (i.e. livestream sessions with students and/or discussion boards in real time)
**Asynchronous learning: Students learning the same materials at different times/locations. (e.g., directing students to online practice materials, agendas, teacher created videos)

Lesson Delivery Model

  • The instructional week will consist of four days of new content delivery and one day of extension/review/enrichment activities (see schedule below)
  • Daily lessons will be created and delivered based on the essential curriculum through
  • synchronous and asynchronous online learning environments. Each school building will
  • communicate daily schedules for synchronous and asynchronous lessons (see below).
  • The recommended instructional times listed below are guidelines that will remain fluid. These times may be adjusted if needed.
  • Each staff member should hold online office hours for a minimum of 45 minutes, four days per week. Students and parents should be notified in advance of the time each day.
  • Digital Learning activities may include many different forms of media, such as online texts, articles, videos, images, etc.
  • Learning should be authentic including project-based learning or choice boards that may
  • include a review of instruction through video or small group synchronous meetings.(Note: Use this opportunity to try something new using video or new online tools!)

Modifications and Adaptations of Content and/or Delivery

  • All staff are required to make a good faith effort toward ensuring adaptations and/or curricular modifications are delivered to the extent they are necessary in a virtual setting and/or feasible in that setting for all second language learners, students with Section 504 plans, students with GIEPs and students with IEPs.
  • It is the expectation that general education staff collaborate regularly with Special Education and gifted teachers as well as the ESL/ELD Program Specialist to provide appropriate accommodations and/or modifications.

Lesson Preparation and Collaboration with Peers

  • Staff will use the review/enrichment day to work collaboratively towards the development of engaging lessons for students within an online learning environment.
  • Preparation and collaboration should take place daily to create and post daily lessons and/or activities.

Attendance and Grades

  • Daily assignments and assessments will be graded and students will receive a “pass/fail” (secondary) or “proficient/non-proficient” (elementary) grade.
  • The focus should be on student mastery of the essential standards being taught. Attendance will be measured by student work completion.

Communication with Parents

  • Staff responses to student/parent questions should be within 24 hours on scheduled school days.
  • If a student has no activity within the course for two (2) consecutive days, parents should be contacted via email or phone call. If you do not get a response from the parent, the building principal should be notified.

Instructional Expectations

Grades K-2 (Lampeter Elementary) Expectations

LE Expectations.JPG Grades K-2 (Lampeter Elementary) Expectations

Grades 3-5 (Hans Herr Elementary) Expectations

HH Expectations.JPG Grades 3-5 (Hans Herr Elementary) Expectations

Grades 6-8 (Martin Meylin Middle School) Expectation

MM expectations.JPG Grades 6-8 (Martin Meylin Middle School) Expectation

Grades 9-12 (L-S High School) Expectations

HS Expectations.JPG Grades 9-12 (L-S High School) Expectations

Online Learning

  • Online Learning is a way to deliver content in a meaningful way, not worksheets made digital.
  • Online learning is student engagement online, not busywork to do.
  • Online learning is a variety of learning modalities to appeal to all learners, not long-range projects without check-ins.

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