For more information, please contact your child's school nurse. For general questions:

Stuart, Sarah

High School Nurse, District Health Coordinator
Lampeter-Strasburg High School
717 464-3311 ext. 2012

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School Health Rooms

Health Rooms

Health Room Staff

Bitler, Donna

Lampeter Elementary School Nurse
Lampeter Elementary School
717 464-3311, ext. 5012

Fliegel, Pamela

School Nurse
Martin Meylin Middle School
717 464-3311 ext. 3012

Lindsley, Deborah

Health Room Assistant

McCrabb, Jennifer

Certified Athletic Trainer
Lampeter-Strasburg High School
717 464-3311 ext. 2012

Rehm, Allison

Certified Athletic Trainer

Stuart, Sarah

High School Nurse, District Health Coordinator
Lampeter-Strasburg High School
717 464-3311 ext. 2012

Vestermark, Mary

Hans Herr Elementary School Nurse
Hans Herr Elementary School
717 464-3311 ext. 4012
Throughout the school year, the school nurse will conduct various health screenings in accordance with state mandates. Immunization and health records are compiled and maintained throughout a student's educational career. The parent has access to the student's most recent screenings through PowerSchool. A hard copy of the screenings will be sent home for your records. The high school hard copy will be mailed with the last report card.

The health room personnel will provide basic first aid and care. If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day, the nurse will assess the student, provide appropriate care, and will communicate with you if the child is seriously injured or ill.

Things you need to know:
  • The Health Room is not a doctor's office or a medical clinic.
  • Health Room personnel cannot diagnose; they can only provide basic first aid and care for incidents that occur during school hours.
  • The Health Room is not to be used as a replacement for medical care from your family health care provider.

State mandates:
  • Height, weight, and vision on all students every year (K-12)
  • BMI and BMI Percentage
  • Hearing Screening in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11 and all learning support students
  • Physicals in grades K, 6, and 11 (School Physical Notification Form) and (School Physical Form)
  • Dental in grades K, 3, and 7 (School Dental Notification Form) and (School Dental Form)
  • Scoliosis Screening in grades 6 and 7

If you have any questions about your child's health, please feel free to contact the school nurse at your child's school.

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