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Elementary Math Resources

Elementary Math Programs

Children's Books with Mathematical Connections

Number Sense, Counting and Operations:
Anno's Counting House (numbers that add to 10)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (counting)
One Less Fish (counting down)
Ten Sly Piranhas(counting down)
Anno's Magic Seeds (patterns)
Monster Math (counting to 50)
100 Days of School (counting to 100 in different ways)
How Much is a Million?
Two Ways to Count to Ten (introduction to skip counting)
The King's Commissioners (skip counting)
How Many Snails? (parts and wholes)
One Hundred Hungry Ants (arrays with 100 ants)
Remainder of One (idea of remainder in division)
Each Orange Had 8 Slices (multiplication)
The Doorbell Rang (sharing/division)

The Grapes of Math

How Big is a Foot?
Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?
Inchworm and a Half
Every Minute on Earth: Fun Facts That Happen Every 60 Seconds
Inch by Inch
Spaghetti and Meatballs for All
(Area and Perimeter)

The Coin Counting Book
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
How the Second Grade Got Money to Visit the Statue of Liberty
Money Monster
by Shel Silverstein (in Where the Sidewalk Ends)

The Greedy Triangle
Color Zoo
Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes
Flat Stanley

What can I do to help my student get ready for kindergarten math?

Play games that develop number skills:
  • Chutes and Ladders, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Zingo 1-2-3, Monopoly Junior, Yahtzee, Card games, any game with dice
  • Search for numbers while driving in the car
  • Count! All the time!
  • Give your child a small allowance (a few cents), play store or help them keep a piggy bank
  • Read books that have a math theme, like Ten Apples Up on Top or The Cheerios Counting Book
  • Put an analog clock in your house

Conversation starters from the Dept. of Education:
  • "How many crackers do you think Mommy gave you?" "15?" "Ok, let's count them and see how close you were."
  • After measuring the child, have them guess how tall you are. Then measure and check.
  • "How many ______ do you think are in this bag?" Then count them.
  • While looking at pictures in photo albums: "How many pictures are on this page?"
  • “How many members in the family?” “How many girls?” “How many boys?”
  • Count wheels, doors and other parts on the car. "How many things are there 4 of?"
  • While looking at foods while shopping, count produce as you put it in the bag. "How many bags of groceries did we buy?”
  • “How many steps on the stairs?” Count the stairs as you walk up or down.

Math Apps
Math apps for your phone or tablet:

  • Splash Math -- iPad, iPhone. A comprensive math app which is purchased by the grade level addressed.
  • Math Drills Lite--iPhone and iPad. Practice math facts; includes interactive models to help figure out problems.
  • Epic Math--iPhone and iPad. Practice math facts; includes reward "coins"
  • Cash Cow--iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android. Practice money math.
  • Numbers League--iPad. Practice math facts under the guise of a superhero game.
  • Sum Stacker--iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Math disguised as a puzzle game!
  • DigitZ --iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Tetris-like game to practice addition.
  • Fractions App--iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Compare, compute and identify fractions.
  • SkyNumbers-iPhone and iPad. Use four operations to make a target number, using numbers falling from the sky.
  • Motion Math: Hungry Fish-iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Practice mental addition and subtraction.
  • Motion Math- iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Award-winning program to develop fraction understanding.
  • Math Workout-Android. Great app for practicing a variety of math activities at different levels.
  • Kids Numbers and Math- Android. Preschool through first graders can have fun learning their numbers and basic math.
  • Math Maniac- Android. Find numbers that add to the target number.
  • Math Fact Master--iPhone, iPad, iPod. Top 10 Education app for math facts.

Summer Math Activities

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