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Comprehensive Planning


The Lampeter-Strasburg School District Comprehensive Planning Committee was formed in October, 2012. Members of this committee reflected the many stakeholders of the school community, including parents, community representatives, a local business representative, teachers representing elementary, middle, and high school education, District and school level administrators, educational specialists, instructional coaches, and School Board members. Each school building formed building-level committees to create building-level actions plans aligned with the District.

The District Comprehensive Planning Committee organized again in October, 2016. The goal of the process was to review core foundational data and complete a needs assessment for the District based on District strengths, areas of need, and shared values of students, parents, staff, and the community. All building strengths and areas in need of improvement were shared at the District level and the strengths and areas in need of improvement were established for the District based on each building’s data and appropriate goals and action steps were developed as a result. The District carefully evaluated these goals and established goals and action steps for improvement to support each building. The process provided alignment between building and District goals.

In October 2017, The Lampeter-Strasburg School District Board of School Directors approved the District’s three-year comprehensive plan from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021.

Mission Statement

The Lampeter-Strasburg School District recognizes that each child has unique abilities, talents, and needs. The District is committed to providing, in an accountable partnership with the parents and the community, opportunities for each learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to become a responsible, productive citizen.

Vision Statement

Lampeter-Strasburg: Learning, Listening, Leading, Linking

Shared Values

We Believe All Students

  • learn best through a variety of relevant activities and assessments.
  • should have access to technology as a tool to deepen.
  • should feel a sense of pride and belonging to the school community.
  • learn through specific and regular feedback.
  • have needs that should guide school decisions.
  • can learn and have the right to learn.
  • deserve equitable and excellent learning opportunities.
  • have a right to feel safe and have their basic needs met.

We Believe All Family/Community Members

  • are enriched by early childhood experiences that foster improved student achievement.
  • can participate in the education process to improve student success.
  • share the responsibility of education with the school system.
  • who participate in the education process can contribute to students’ academic success.
  • should be encouraged to support and promote healthy wellbeing and non-academic needs of students.

We Believe All District/Staff Members

  • should believe in continuous improvement and making decisions based on what is best for students.
  • must recognize their responsibility to work in partnership with parents to develop the social, emotional, and academic potential of its students.
  • can maintain high expectations that are essential for administration, staff, parents, and students.
  • must make technology an integral part of the instructional process at all levels, when appropriate.
  • have a responsibility to improve their professional practice.
  • can participate in meaningful professional development to improve instructional strategies through the interpretation of student data (including staff feedback.)
  • should provide feedback through a differentiated supervision model for improvement of practice.
  • should use common student assessment data to drive instructional decisions.
  • must understand that differentiated instruction is critical for academic achievement.
  • are responsible to provide the best possible education for our students while being fiscally responsible to our taxpayers.
  • must treat everyone with honor and respect.
  • should provide parents with opportunities to learn about instructional programming and building/District initiatives.
  • must value the uniqueness and differences of all students.

We Believe the School Environment Should Be Such That

  • student achievement is our primary mission.
  • high expectations are essential for everyone.
  • a safe environment, socially and emotionally, is available for learning.
  • constructive student, staff, and parent relationships are in place for student success.
  • classroom instruction is engaging, challenging, purposeful, relevant, and infuses the utilization of technology to promote 21st century learning skills.
  • reflecting and sharing best practices are essential skills.
  • reflecting and sharing best instructional and assessment practices is common among staff.
  • appropriate resources are available for quality education.
  • community acceptance and a sense of belonging are fostered for everyone.
  • continual communication among stakeholders is imperative to student academic growth.
  • continual communication among stakeholders is imperative and communicating educational strategies to families is routine for student academic growth.
  • district employees treat all people with honor and respect.
  • differentiated instruction is critical for academic achievement.
  • all staff, teachers, and administrators can always improve their practice.
  • students must have a place to feel safe and have their basic needs met.
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