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What's New in the L-S Cafeterias

September 2, 2014

A new year means 180+ days worth of breakfasts and lunches served in the L-S cafeterias. We are always striving to bring healthy, delicious food to our students and staff. The Food Services Department would like to thank everyone who participated in the school lunch survey last year. Responses were tabulated and feedback has been shared. Here are some changes to the school meals program for the 2014-2015 year:

Enhanced Lunches

beginning this year, students in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to choose a Tier 2, or enhanced, lunch on many days. These lunch options will cost $.50 more than a standard lunch and will feature premium ingredients such as whole chicken breast, veggie burgers, and premium beef patties. Enhanced lunch options will be noted on the menu so students can make appropriate choices.

High School Price Increase

lunch prices at the High School have increased by 25 cents this year. The reason for the price increase is because High School lunches now include an extra serving of fruit. Prices at all other grade levels have remained the same.

Grab & Go Salads

salad bars in the cafeterias have been replaced with premade salads. A variety of options are available to meet different tastes. We are trying this option because it’s faster to pick up a salad rather than making one.

Lunch Sizes

lunch prices are different at the elementary, middle, and high school levels because of portion size. The food services staff diligently follows a formula to ensure that students receive adequate nutrition for their ages through the school lunch program. Below are examples of the same lunch at an L-S elementary school, the middle school, and the high school. Can you spot the differences?

Elementary School Lunch

Elementary Lunch Web with celery Elementary School Lunch

Middle School Lunch

Middle School Lunch Web Middle School Lunch

High School Lunch

High School Lunch Web High School Lunch

As you can see, the lunches vary a great deal in content and quantity. For instance, an elementary lunch has four chicken nuggets, a middle school lunch has six nuggets, and a high school lunch has eight. High school students also receive two servings of fruit. We modify meals every day to meet student needs. Middle and high school students can also purchase a la carte items for an additional charge.

Remember, breakfast is served daily at each school for the low price of $1.40 per student. Daily breakfast offerings include cereal, muffins, fruit & yogurt parfaits, juice, milk and fruit. Hot breakfast specials also are available each day.

Please contact the Food Services department with any questions. Bon appetit!

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