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Victory Spelled P-o-n-t-z at Martin Meylin

February 7, 2014

Martin Meylin Spelling Bee 201

Martin Meylin's top spellers are (left to right) Todd Shelley, Aliyah Trussell, Jillian Pontz, Jonathan Welch, and Donita Garcia

Thirty middle school students faced off at the annual Martin Meylin Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. From the first word, bric-a-brac, to the winning word, chocolate, it was an exciting competition. Sixth grader Jillian Pontz was the winner and will advance to the County Spelling Bee semi-finals at Conestoga Valley Middle School.

Also heading to the semi-finals are 2nd place Aliyah Trussel (grade 7), 3rd place Jonathon Welch (grade 6), and 4th place Todd Shelley (grade 8). Eighth grader Donita Garcia will serve as an alternate. Several tiebreakers took place to determine the order of finish for the runners up. Congratulations to all of the spellers and special thanks to judges Mrs. D'Agostino, Mrs. Feerrar, Mr. Shoff, emcee Mr. Raum, and pronouncer Dr. Peart.

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