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Martin Meylin Students of the Month Praised for Positive Attitudes

Middle School team teachers chose March Students of the Month based on characteristics relating to positive attitude. That includes a positive outlook, optimism, overcoming fears, a sense of fairness, and a desire to learn and acquire knowledge.


6th Grade

MM SOM March 17 sixth web 6th Grade

Front Row: Landen Buser, Emma Sauder, Kayla Fuller, Makayla Jeandell, Laura Leaman
Back Row: Mason Coe, Nicholas Immel, Kurt Kessler, Kira Fritz, Grace Schonour

  • Landen Buser
  • George "Mason" Coe
  • Kira Fritz
  • Kayla Fuller
  • Nicholas Immel
  • Makayla Jeandell
  • Laura Leaman
  • Kurt Kessler
  • Grace Schonour
  • Emma Sauder

7th Grade

MM SOM March 17 7th web 7th Grade

Front Row: Elizabeth Stahovich, Molly Caplan, Kiersten Hostetter, Alexis Kepley
Back Row: Haley Breslin, Sidney Brinkman, Sarah Butler, Jacob Reichert, Mariah Beiler
Missing from Picture: Ashley Mueller

  • Mariah Beiler
  • Haley Breslin
  • Sidney Brinkman
  • Sarah Butler
  • Molly Caplan
  • Kiersten Hostetter
  • Alexis Kepley
  • Ashley Mueller
  • Jacob Reichart
  • Elizabeth Stahovich

8th Grade

MM SOM March 17 8th web 8th Grade

Front Row: Logan Erb, Julia Klingbeil, Ema Hollinger, Daisy Frank
Back Row: Alexander Landis, Owen Miller, Nathan Eberly, Lauren Donnelly, Cynthia Rezendez, Elizabeth Horner

  • Lauren Donnelly
  • Nathan Eberly
  • Logan Erb
  • Daisy Frank
  • Ema Hollinger
  • Elizabeth Horner
  • Julia Klingbeil
  • Alexender Landis
  • Owen Miller
  • Cynthia Rezendez
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